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Överbefälhavare is Swedish for "Commander in Chief". This was one of the titles given to the Prince of the Free Rasalhague Republic, and referred to his control over the KungsArmé.[1] In actual practice, this title was often given to the highest ranking member of the KungsArmé[2], making it equivalent to the rank of Commanding General.

The Överbefälhavare also acted as the regent for Elected Prince Ragnar Magnusson when he was captured by the Clans.[citation needed]

After the formation of the Rasalhague Dominion, the Överbefälhavare was the commander of the KungsArmé (now organized along Clan lines). In this role, he was responsible for approximately three Galaxies of troops.[3] These soldiers were completely integrated into the Rasalhague Dominion's touman by 3145 however, and the title fell out of use.[4]


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