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102nd Division (ComStar)

While facing Clan Steel Viper during the Battle of Tukayyid, the 102nd Division is best known for its reconstruction efforts on Luzerne in the wake of Operation Bulldog.

102nd Division IV-omicron
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Nickname Vigilant Thought (3050)
Focht's Knights (3062)
Parent Formation 6th Army


Immediately prior to the Clan Invasion, the 102nd Division, then a IV-Theta mix referred to by the nickname of Vigilant Thought of regular quality, was assigned to the Sixth Army and was headquartered on the Free Worlds League world of Andurien.[1]

As part of the Sixth Army, the 102nd would face Clan Steel Viper during the Battle of Tukayyid. [2][3] Like many Com Guard Divisions, the regular rated 102nd Division chose a new nickname after their efforts on Tukayyid, calling itself Focht's Knights. Rebuilt as a IV-omicron formation, the 102nd transferred its headquarters to the Sarna March world of Carver V. [4]

With the 6th Army's ejection from the Sarna March in the wake of Operation Guerrero, in the aftermath of Operation Bulldog the 102nd was transferred to assist with relief and reconstruction efforts on the recaptured Draconis Combine world of Luzerne. Location of some of the worst fighting during Bulldog, the division's engineers were heavily involved in cleaning up the myriad of battle sites and rebuilding civilian infrastructure on the world. Despite its humanitarian efforts, the native population were highly suspicious of the 102nd and its motives due to bitter memories of Operation Scorpion and the Clan Smoke Jaguar's crackdown in response to it. [5] [6]

While not directly hostile, the 102nd found itself slighted by the natives at every turn. It would take eight years of hard work by the division to rebuild the world infrastructure to finally began to overcome this tension and good relationships to blossom. [6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 102nd Division
Precentor VI Byron Simpier 3049[1]
Precentor XVIII Peter Isotera 3055-3067[4] [5] [6]



Composition HistoryEdit


102nd Division (Division/Green)[7]

Note: At this point in time the 102nd Division was stationed on Andurien.[7]


102nd Division (Division/Regular) [8]

Note: At this point in time the 102nd Division was stationed on Carver V.[8]


  • Broken Crown Ill-pi: Demi-Precentor III Leonid Brenman[5]
  • No Regrets lll-omicron: Demi-Precentor VI Donna Probst
  • Return to Serenity lll-nu: Demi-Precentor IV Walter Theefs
  • From the Depths lll-omicron: Demi-Precentor X Alan Lau
  • Harmonious Discord lll-xi: Demi-Precentor I Argimiro Gamboa
  • Careful Haste lll-rho: Demi-Precentor IV Thomas Chall


  • The 102nd's insignia is a pair of crossed lances. [5]

Game NotesEdit


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