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179th Striker (Clan Nova Cat)

179th Striker (Clan Nova Cat).jpg
179th Striker Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Circle of Power
Parent Formation Sigma Galaxy


Though Sigma Galaxy was responsible for gaining new holdings for the Clan during the Golden Century, the warriors of the 179th saw this posting to a second line unit as a slap in the face. To compensate they developed an aggressive (nearly reckless) fighting style.[1]

Operation RevivalEdit

The 179th Striker fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave FiveEdit


Destruction of TauEdit

On August 8th, 3058, the 179th, in conjunction with the 246th Battle Cluster, destroyed the Smoke Jaguar's Tau Galaxy on the planet of Wayside V.

Combine-Ghost Bear WarEdit

During the Nova Cats' counter-attack in the Combine-Ghost Bear War, the 179th along with the rest of the Sigma Galaxy retook the captured Combine world of Labrea from Clan Ghost Bear, inflicting heavy losses before the routed Bears retreated to deal with Clan Hell's Horses strikes against the Domnion. Following the Nova Cat Lancers and 189th Striker Clusters, the 179th then travelled to Tinaca, within striking distance of the Ghost Bear's capital of Alshain.[2]

While relations with second Star League soured in the wake of the War, 179th and the rest of Sigma fulfilled the Cats obligations to the League by remaining stationed on Tukayyid. [3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 179th Striker Cluster
Star Colonel Santin West 3058[4][5]
Star Colonel Jill Lenardon 3062[citation needed]

Other OfficersEdit


Sigma Galaxy was noted for caution and hesitation on the battlefield. To overcome this reputation the 179th Striker Cluster equipped itself with fast units that could perform high-speed attacks that delivered a decisive blow to their opponent early in the confrontation. The 179th never practiced holding their ground, instead they were either attacking or re-organizing to launch another attack.[1]

Composition HistoryEdit


With their emphasis on speed and firepower, jump-capable medium and heavy 'Mechs. The Huntsman and Summoner formed the backbone of most Stars. The 179th also used second line 'Mechs if they were fast enough. Grizzlys, Black Pythons, and Conjurers were commonly found in the 179th.[1]



  • 4 Trinaries


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