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1st Kavalleri

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1st Kavalleri logo CMKurita.jpg
1st Kavalleri
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Nickname Smyga Tjuvar[1]
Parent Formation Kavalleri

Unit DescriptionEdit

The First Kavalleri was a light-weight and reconnaissance BattleMech Regiment, which was a military formation serving the Free Rasalhague Republic.


The First Kavalleri was formed on Radstadt in 3034 comprising mostly armour and motorized infantry.[2] In April 3034 the unit was on Heiligendreuz. [3] Involved in the Ronin War, they attempted to defend Radstadt from invading ronin forces in 3034, but temporarily lost control of it due to Vinson's Vigilantes' refusal to help in the defense.[4] The 1st Kavalleri moved to Goito in June 3034 [3] and was destroyed in fighting in 3035; their surviving forces were absorbed into the Second Kavalleri.[2]

Later the First would be reformed in 3050 as a BattleMech formation, where it would be assigned as part of the planetary garrison force for Basiliano.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Kavalleri



Composition HistoryEdit

Mostly veteran motorized infantry with a tank contingent.[2]


Brush Wars states the Kavalleri arrived on Radstadt in September 3034 and later that they were already fighting on that planet in August 3034.[4]



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