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Find all references to year 2819 - See also: Years Policy


  • Draconis Combine launches brutal raid of the Lyran world of Alexandria.
  • Draconis Combine seek and destroy mission hits the Lyran world of Kessel.
  • Draconis Combine launches strike against the important Lyran world of Tamar.


  • Early May Jerome Blake proposes New Earth Trading Company sell non-military Star League era products to Great Houses on ComStar's behalf.
  • May 11th Jerome Blake collapses during meeting of the First Circuit.
  • July - The Purification, ROM's purge of "disbelievers", is initiated.
  • July 26th First Circuit reforms as Conrad Toyama announces the transformation of ComStar from corporation to religious order.
  • Surviving elements of the Star League Expeditionary Brigade arrives at Paran, stranded following failure of the SLS Pioneer's KF Drive.