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  • AFFS launches successful blitzkrieg invasion of Combine-held world of Tishomingo.
  • Heavily outnumbered 4th Sword of Light are destroyed within months.
  • Coordinator Yoguchi Kurita survives the invasion, organizing civilian resistance against Federated Suns forces.


  • Iago NcMurphy is awarded an Honor Tree for a breakthrough in optics made possible by his research that saves the Draconis Combine billions of K-Bills in manufacturing costs annually.
  • Narhal's Raiders sign on with Capellan Confederation.



  • Clan Coyote introduced the UrbanMech IIC BattleMech.
  • Clans Diamond Shark and Clan Hell's Horses jointly develop the Thresher BattleMech.
  • Clan Mongoose introduce the Striking Moongoose Aerospace Fighter.