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An Admiral is the naval equivalent of a General. They typically command fleets of WarShips, DropShips, and JumpShips. In multi-regiment formations like an AFFS Regimental Combat Team or Star League Division, they can command all the attached naval assets.


This was the rank used by the commanding officer of the Star League Navy.[1] This officer wore three cuff stripes as rank insignia.

Lyran Commonwealth and Lyran AllianceEdit

During the First Succession War, Admirals commanded full battlegroups of WarShips and their attendant craft, typically from a Tharkad-class battlecruiser.[2] [3] This role would end with the extinction of WarShips in the Inner Sphere and those who held the rank of Admiral were seldom anything more than administrators. When the Great Houses resurrected their WarShip programs in the wake of the Clan Invasion, the possibility of an Admiral leading a multi-WarShip fleet was once again possible, but given the size of the Lyran fleet, such deployments were exceedingly rare. [4]

LAAF Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia

Draconis Combine Mustered SoldieryEdit

The DCMS title for this rank is Tai-sho, or General. Officers with this rank in the Draconis Combine Admiralty have their rank translated as Admiral.

DCMS Officer Ranks by branch of service
Rank MechWarrior AeroSpace Fighter Infantry Armor Artillery Naval Crew Technical

Armed Forces of the Federated SunsEdit

In the AFFS, an Admiral is the Naval equivalent of a General. Typically they command a small flotilla of ships based around a WarShip or a naval repair yard.[5]

AFFS General insignia by branch of service
Rank MechWarrior AeroSpace Fighter Infantry Armor Naval Crew Technical
Administrative Medical Legal Logistics/

Capellan Confederation Armed ForcesEdit

For many years the rank of Admiral didn't exist in the CCAF for important historical reasons. Once Sun-Tzu Liao came to power, that changed. He created the rank of Jiang-jun in the CCAF as part of the Xin Sheng reform package to make the CCAF run more efficiently. These officers were formerly known as "Senior Colonels." In addition to the new name, this rank uses a brass triangle as its new symbol of rank. The CCAF Naval equivalent of this rank is Kong-jiang-jun.

CCAF Kong-jiang-jun rank insignia

Free Worlds LeagueEdit

In the FWLM, Admiral is the highest commissioned naval rank. Only the Captain-General and the Marshals outrank officers who hold the rank of Admiral. Prior to Thomas Marik's military reforms of 3047, seniority among admirals was determined based on time in grade. Therefore the admirals who had served the longest were the most senior.[6] These admirals are separated into Vice-Admirals and Admirals based on service.[7]

A Free Worlds League admiral's rank insignia is a single strip of silver set into a single strip of gold, which is further mounted on a single purple stripe. This is identical to the rank insignia of a FWLM General.

FWLM Admiral's Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia

The ClansEdit

The Clans use the rank of Star Admiral for naval officers who are equal to Galaxy Commanders. Typically these officer use Galaxy Commander insignia. See the Star Admiral entry for more information.

ComStar/Word of BlakeEdit

This rank isn't used by the ComGuard or Word of Blake Militia. Instead they use the rank of Precentor. Unofficially the commanding officer of the ComStar WarShip Fleet is known as the Precentor Naval. The Word of Blake used Precentor Naval as an official position, reporting directly to the Precentor Martial of the Word of Blake.[8]

Free Rasalhague RepublicEdit

This rank isn't used by the KungsArmé.

Periphery PowersEdit

Magistracy of CanopusEdit

The equivalent of a Magistracy Armed Forces General, two Admirals share joint command of the entire Canopian Navy and serve on the Magestrix Command Center. The insignia of a MAF Admiral is the three small diamonds of a General, surrounded by a gold wreath.[9][10]

Magistracy Armed Forces Insignia
Rank Insignia

Taurian Defense ForceEdit

This rank isn't used by the TDF.

Marian HegemonyEdit

This rank isn't used by the Hegemony Armed Forces.

Outworlds AllianceEdit

This rank isn't used by the Alliance Military Corps.


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