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Age of War

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The Age of War is a name given to a roughly 150 year period that was characterized by large-scale warfare. This was sparked in 2398 when the Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation went to war over the Andurien system.[1]


A prime reason for the conflict between the Free Worlds League and the Capellan Confederation was Allan Marik's conquests of Zion, Berenson and Andurien during the 2366-2369 time period.[2]

One probable source of tension between the Lyran Commonwealth and the Free Worlds League was the Promised Land debacle of 2395, when the Lyran High Command launched an attack due to an offhand remark by Archon Robert Marsden.[3] However, since the Age of War did not start in 2395, it seems logical to assume that this did not result in lasting conflict.

The Start of the Era (2398-2412)Edit

CC vs FWL, First Andurien War (2398-2404)Edit

Main article: First Andurien War

The First Andurien War, which is regarded as the start of the Age of War, started in 2398 when Kurnath Liao launched a major campaign trying to retake the Andurien system. The war was a major victory for the Free Worlds League, and a peace was negotiated in 2404.[4][5]

CC vs FS, (2399-????)Edit

Main article: Novaya Zemlya Incident

The conflict between the Capellan Confederation and the Federated Suns started in 2399 when the Capellans destroyed all settlements on Novaya Zemlya for some reason. There is lack of info on how this conflict developed further, but it did at least continue through the whole reign of Marie Davion, while the Federated Suns was on the defensive.[6][7]

DC vs LC, (2407-2408)Edit

Main article: 1st Draconis Combine - Lyran Commonwealth War (2407)

For the Lyran Commonwealth, the Age of War started on New Years Day 2407, when the Draconis Combine attacked. The Lyrans were caught unprepared due to political reasons. The attack made Archon Alistair Marsden sack the high command, take control over the military and move the capital from Arcturus to Tharkad. The Lyrans won a major victory at Vega, destroying the staging area for the Combine offensive. Archon Alistair stopped the Kuritan offensive, even though he fell in action on Menkent on January 31st of 2408.[8]

FWL vs LC, all quiet?Edit

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Little is known about conflict between the Lyran Commonwealth and the Free Worlds League during these years, the first clear mention of conflict between the two (during the Age of War) is the Lyran attack on Dieudonne in 2416.[9][10] However, there are hints of earlier combat.[11][12]

Ares Conventions (2412-2439)Edit

CC vs FWL, Tintavel and the Ares Conventions (2412)Edit

Main article: Tintavel Tragedy

In 2412 the Free Worlds League attacked the Capellan Confederation world of Tintavel. The reasons and greater context of this attack is unknown, and neither is it know if this was the first battle of the resumed hostilities. The battle escalated, weapons of mass destruction were deployed and excessive civilian deaths resulted. The horrors of the battle prompted Aleisha Liao to instigate the Ares Conventions. The Conventions were signed by the then six great houses, the Rim Worlds Republic and the Principality of Rasalhague. The Taurian Concordat and the United Hindu Collective did not sign the conventions. The Conventions limited warfare in many ways, including fighting outside of urban areas and restricting the use of NBC weaponry. This had the unintended effect of sanitizing warfare and turning it into an acceptable method of settling disputes, leading to the long era of protracted bloodshed.[13][14][15] No further mentions about open conflict between the Confederation and the League can be found until the Second Andurien War starts.

FWL vs LC, the Dieudonne war (2416-2418)Edit

Main article: Dieudonne War

In 2416 the Lyran Commonwealth attacked the Free Worlds League world of Dieudonne. This attack degenerated into a debacle. Shortly afterwards a relief force led by Captain-General Peter Marik drove back the besieging forces and began a counteroffensive into Lyran space. By 2418 planets as far as Rochelle had been conquered and occupied by League forces. At this point, the League Parliament, with forces overextended, agreed to a truce. This respite was to last only two years.[16][17][18]

CC vs TC, The Rim War (2418-2422)Edit

Main article: Rim War

FWL vs LC, Lyrans strike back (2420-2422)Edit

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In 2420 the Lyrans started an offensive to retake worlds lost 2416-18 to the League. The League Parliament choose Joseph Stewart as Captain-General, after Peter Marik turned down the offer. The conflict was a major victory for the Lyrans, allowing them to retake and conquer several worlds. The Lyrans abandoned the offensive when they were satisfied by their gains. The League-Lyran front was quiet until 2427.[19][20]

FWL vs LC, Bolan and getting bogged down (2427-2440)Edit

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In 2427 the Lyrans started an offensive to conquer Bolan. While the Lyrans managed to capture Bolan and Kamenz, Captain-General Terrence Marik managed to turn the offensive into a costly grinding that went on for several years.[21][22][23]

Rise of the Battlemech (2439-)Edit

Winding DownEdit

The Age of War came to close when the Terran Hegemony negotiated a settlement, ironically between the League and Confederation over Andurien. Though they signed this agreement in 2556, 2550 is traditionally considered the end of the Age of War.[citation needed]


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