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Alethea Chowla (32nd c.)

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Alethea Chowla II
Affiliation House Chowla
Profession Force Commander

Alethea Chowla - 32nd Military Commander & MechWarrior for Rim Commonality and new Free Worlds League. She is the commander of the Commonality's elite battalion the Defenders, officially known as the First Rim Commonality Guard.

Asian-India descent, athletic stature, standing 80 centimeters tall, 70 kilos weight. She is known to be highly intelligent, and has a keen mind. She works closely with Rim Commonality leader, Prime Minister Michael Cendar.

Alethea is great granddaughter of mercenary unit, the Chaos Irregulars who were jointly commanded by Jack Chowla.

She led her troops with other coalition forces in July 3139 to retake the world of Atreus from the Regulan Fiefs and securing it as the capital of the newly unified Free Worlds League. Notably facing off with an 1st Regulan Hussar Berserker assault 'Mech at Imstar Aerospace planet along with one of her fellow MechWarriors.

Character NotesEdit

  • Chowla pilots a Thanatos BattleMech, originally belonging to Obadiah "Jake" Jacoam, who co-founded the First Rim Commonality Guard when it was a mercenary unit in 3066.
  • In the novel To Ride the Chimera, it is mentioned that Alethea Chowla has/had possible grandmother by the same name. No information currently exists on her, Her great-grandfather, whom is founding member of the Chaos Irregular mercenary unit, is prominently mentioned in the Mercenaries Supplemental Update entry for the Chaos Irregulars.