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Alshain BattleWorx

Alshain BattleWorx produces BattleMechs on Alshain in the Ghost Bear Dominion.

Alshain BattleWorx
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Alshain
Primary Products BattleMechs


Alshain BattleWorx is used to produce the Executioner assault OmniMech within the Inner Sphere.[1]

Dark AgeEdit

In line with other nations affected by the Jihad, the Ghost Bear Dominion looked to rebuild its military new equipment designed to contend with current battlefield concerns. Shortly after the Dominion was formed, several years prior to the Jihad, Ghost Bear warriors and KungsArmé veterans had collaborated on a new 'Mech design as a step toward unifying the two camps. Troubles brought about by the Jihad delayed this endeavor's completion, and so it was only after the beginning of the Dark Age that this new design, the Kuma, was completed. Alshain BattleWorx, having fared well enough through the universal turmoil, was designated as the production site for the Dominion's new totem 'Mech, beginning its production in 3082.[2]


Alshain BattleWorx is owned and operated by Clan Ghost Bear.



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