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Alshain Naval Yards

The Alshain Naval Yards orbit the planet Alshain and produce, refurbish, and repair spacecraft for the Ghost Bear Dominion.

Alshain Naval Yards
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Alshain
Primary Products DropShips


The Alshain Naval Yards quickly became the hub of the Ghost Bear military space industry since Alshain's capture during the Clan invasion. Its main portion consists of three WarShip slips orbiting the planet's northern pole. These slips have been used to service the Clan's largest vessels, the most profound of which are of the Leviathan series. The Leviathans were initially developed to serve as indomitable mobile command and supply hubs that could fend off an entire naval star on its own, but between the invasion's halt and subsequent repudiation, these yet-incomplete vessels were repurposed to serve a massive transports. From 3059 to 3060 the Leviathans were used to move the bulk of the Ghost Bear population from the Clan Homeworlds to the Inner Sphere, their final stop being the Alshain Naval yards before transferring their human cargo to several smaller vessels departing for other worlds. The Naval Yards were an integral part of this enormous effort as they were the only facilities capable of receiving these vessels while also supporting the movements of the several-dozen others involved in the operation.

The Naval Yards quickly became a symbol of Ghost Bear power as its operational scope grew to become one of the largest found in the Inner Sphere. Each day, several hundred ships and service craft move to, from, and between the military slips alone, performing countless tasks necessary for sustaining the yards' various operations. The yards' carefully orchestrated orbits and intricately coordinated movements of both civilian and military traffic is commonly referred to as the "Alshain Star Dance". This activity surrounding the Ghost Bear's capital world is simply awe inspiring when witnessed through the viewport of an approaching vessel. Indeed, the sight is said to have moved Ghost Bear naval commanders to tears when first viewed, just as it has been said to inspire fear within the hearts of those seeking to bring harm. The latter did in-fact occur when the renegade Alshain Avengers regiments attempted to retake the world in 3062. When the Avenger force made its jump to Alshain, it arrived within plain sight of the Naval Yards holding a Leviathan in one of its slips while a Nightlord WarShip deftly maneuvered to intercept the invaders. Orbital and sub-orbital traffic was quickly cleared to make room for the fighting that followed, resulting in minimal, if any, damage sustained to the yards or to its equipment and personnel.

Naturally, the Naval Yards served an important role during the first Combine-Ghost Bear War, a conflict sparked by the Avengers' failed invasion. The yards served as an initial mobilization point for troops and supplies sent to fight in the conflict. It is also speculated that the Combine Kyushu frigate captured during the war was held at the Naval Yards until is return to the DCMS at the war's end in 3063.

Dark AgeEdit

In 3079, the Alshain Naval Yards were the largest WarShip and JumpShip manufacturing and assembly area available to the Ghost Bear Dominion. By then the yards featured civilian and military construction facilities, as well as providing refit and refurbishment services for Clan Diamond Shark and Clan Snow Raven. The yards also produced many replacement components for Dominion naval vessels and served as a final assembly facility for many of the Dominion's DropShips.[1]


The Alshain Naval Yards are owned and operated by Clan Ghost Bear in service to the Ghost Bear Dominion.


The Alshain Naval Yards orbit Alshain:


Components produced over Alshain:[1][2]
Component Type
Leviathan II[1] WarShip (As of 3066)[3]
Leviathan III[2] WarShip (As of 3150)[4]
Hunter[1] JumpShip
Odyssey[1] JumpShip
Aesir[1] DropShip
Aqueduct[1] DropShip
Mule[1] DropShip
Polaris[5] DropShip (Only in 3100)
Union-C[1] DropShip
Vanir[1] DropShip


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