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Arden Baxter

Arden Baxter
Died 2425
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Rank Chancellor

Arden Baxter was the Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation from 2415 to 2425. He is one of only two individuals to hold the title who were not members of the Liao family.


Something of a republican, Arden Baxter went some ways towards restoring the ideas associated with a republic to the Confederation. A part of his plan involved reducing the size of the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces, even as he launched a campaign against "border pirates" - those border pirates being the Taurian Concordat.[1] Arden Baxter officially started the Rim War in 2418[2] by declaring a state of war existed against the Taurian Concordat. The conflict had escalated for the past 20 years, but Baxter decided to go all-out in order to claim new territories. The war nearly cost Baxter his chancellorship and drained the Confederation treasury.[3][4][5] Despite the Confederation having signed the Ares Conventions Baxter showed no mercy to the Concordat, as the Concordat had refused to sign the conventions - ironically, because of their suspicions over the motives of the Confederation.[2]

The draw-down of the CCAF was soon overtaxed as a result of the conflict combined with the retirements and demobilization associated with the draw-down Baxter had implemented. With so many experienced officers having retired, conducting the war fell to inexperienced junior officers. Strategically and tactically inept, those same junior officers proved to have no real grasp of how to conduct the conflict and were characterized by the brutality with which they acted. Acting outside the Ares Conventions, these same junior officers actively used weapons of mass destruction against the Concordat.[1] Faced not just with nuclear weapons being used against their armed forces and infrastructure, the Concordat was also attacked with biological and chemical weapons, technologies supposedly outlawed by the Convention. The Concordat swiftly responded in kind.[6] The war lasted five years, ending in 2422.[1] Despite having only seized two worlds against a backdrop consisting of the deaths of untold numbers of civilians and military personnel, Baxter declared the campaign a victory.[1]

Having waged war on the Concordat, Baxter suddenly changed course in 2423 when he offered his support to the idea of a Thousand-World Coalition. The Coalition was intended to be a defense pact that would serve to isolate the Free Worlds League, but the Concordat rejected the proposal. The negotiations conducted between the two states did go some way towards improving relations between the new nations, with the Concordat shifting to regard the Confederation with wary neutrality.[2]

Arden Baxter was killed by an obsessed lieutenant from the Marion's Highlanders in 2425, as he made his way to the House of Scions. His final grave has not been located.[3]


Some people still believe that because he is in charge, the Chancellor makes every decision in regard to the state. A new power station in Hobbes on Ward? The Chancellor's will. Never mind that the Chancellor couldn’t be bothered to find Ward on a map.
  — Remarks recorded during the reign of Chancellor Arden Baxter[7]

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