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Arms of Thor

Arms of Thor
Unit Profile (as of 3058)
Disbanded 3063
JumpShips No
DropShips Yes
Aerospace No
Armor No
Infantry No


Succession WarsEdit

During an unknown period of at least ten years, the Arms of Thor served the Taurian Concordat.[1]

In 3034 the Circinus Federation attempted to invade the Illyrian Palatinate but unexpectedly found the Arms of Thor, recently hired on a multiyear contract. The mercenary unit used their two assault 'Mech Battalions to rout the Federation troops.[2]

Clan InvasionEdit

Year 3063 would see the end of the Arms of Thor. On the 19th of January 3063 Julius O'Reilly invaded the Illyria Palatine and completed the conquest of that minor power by the 30th of June of the same year.[3] Hegemony troops consisting of two full legions (II Legio and IV Legio) and also including III Legio's First and Third Cohorts initiated the conquest of the Palatinate. The Left Arm of Thor was defending Trasjkis, the IV Legio drove them from the world, nearly eliminating half that battalion.[4] The unit regrouped to Illyria. When the Marian forces landed on Illyria, the invasion did not start well, and the Arms of Thor spirited defense of the Palatinate stopped cold the Marian advances. But after confirming the treason of Cavanaugh's Cavalry to the Palatinate and their change of sides, the Hegemony assaulted in force head-on using infantry and other auxilia units to rout the Arms of Thor from their bases before they could bring most of their BattleMech strength to bear. Nevertheless the Arms of Thor tried to break through Julius' lines and seize his headquarters. Cavanaugh's Cavalry entered the Illyrian capital under false colors and after two hours of fighting, forced the official surrender of the Palatinate. This was the end of the Palatinate, which had been preceded less than two hours ago by the last push from the Arms of Thor aimed at decapitating the Marian assault force which ended with the mercenary unit demise.


Each Arms of Thor battalion had its own independent command officer. No overall commander for the unit was defined.

Rank Name Command
Right Arm of Thor
Övercaptain Gustaf Narder 3058
Left Arm of Thor
Övercaptain Hassie Menker 3058

Other officersEdit


No specific tactics were ever described.

Composition HistoryEdit

Succession WarsEdit

2 Assault 'Mech Battalions

Clan InvasionEdit


Right Arm of Thor (Battalion/Regular/Reliable) - Deployed in Illyria[6]

  • CO: Overcaptain Gustaf Narder

Left Arm of Thor (Battalion/Regular/Reliable) - Deployed in Trasjkis[6]

  • CO: Overcaptain Hassie Menker


Arm of Thor (2 Battalions/Regular/Reliable) [7]

  • CO: Overcaptain Gustaf Narder [7]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Illyria and Trasjkis. [7]


Game RulesEdit


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