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Arthur Luvon

Arthur Luvon
Died August 3010[1]
Affiliation House Luvon
Duke of Donegal[2]
Parents Alister Luvon[2]
Spouse Katrina Steiner[2]

Arthur Luvon was the husband to Katrina Steiner and cousin to the famous Kell Brothers.[2]


At an unknown date, Arthur joined the loyal opposition group of Heimdall. In 3004, he survived an assassination attempt on planet Poulsbo by Loki agents sent by Archon Alessandro Steiner. The Archon later claimed his agent's target was only Arthur itself, for his association with Heimdall. In any case, Arthur, his cousin Morgan Kell, and Katrina Steiner were almost killed, but the intervention of a Heimdall cell rescued them and allowed them to escape. The three left Lyran space, traveling through the Periphery, posing as pirates. Katrina cast herself as the Red Corsair and Morgan and his cousin as her bodyguards, the two hunchbacks.

During their travels they found a Star League Black Box. After returning to Lyran space, Arthur married Katrina.

Death and legacyEdit

Arthur succumbed to cancer in August 3010, leaving a vast fortune to his nephews Morgan and Patrick Kell. The brothers would use the money to found the Kell Hounds mercenary unit.


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