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Athena Heath

Athena Heath
Died 3021
Affiliation ComStar
Director of the ComStar Explorer Service

Athena Heath was the second director of the ComStar Explorer Service.


As of 2977, Athena Heath was Precentor XI XIII in the ComStar Explorer Service. Heath had served aboard the Endurance, the fourth Explorer Service vessel to see service. When founding Director Sergei Gavilov stood down due to ill-health, Heath was selected as his replacement, and under her guidance the Explorer Service became known as the ComStar Explorer Corps as the branch began to mount purely scientific missions such as those of the Fortitude, Discovery and Herschel. Heath would ultimately die in office in 3021 and was succeeded by Sumire Hiyama.[1]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Sergei Gavilov
Director of the Explorer Corps

Succeeded by
Sumire Hiyama


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