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Availability Rating is a code used in the A Time of War role playing game indicating how common a class of weaponry or personal equipment is. It's primary function is to designate how rare the systems are in a particular time period in the BattleTech universe. A similar system is used in the Classic BattleTech Tech Manual portion of the core rules. This rules-set only had availability ratings for the Jihad time Period.

Availability Rating Label Description
A Very Common Available in large quantities throughout inhabited space.
B Common Widely Available, but may not meet demand due to manufacturing complexity, materiels cost, or rarity of materials.
C Uncommon Troublesome to find items that may require rare materiels or skilled labor to produce, these items may be common on the worlds that produced them and unavailable on other worlds.
D Rare Specialty Items produced for a limited market. Most businesses will not supply this item, and characters would have to find a source.
E Very Rare Items that are no longer in production or only manufactured on very few worlds. Exceedingly difficult to find and very costly as these items may be found only on the black market or in personal collections.
F Unique Only a few items were produced or are known to have survived. Rare Antiques, First-Run Advanced prototypes, and limited edition items fall into this category.
X Non-Existent The item does not exist in this time period.