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Baker Pharmaceuticals

Baker Pharmaceuticals was a pharmaceutical company in the Lyran Commonwealth, with its assets eventually acquired by the mammoth Nashan Diversified. [1] [2]

Company ProfileEdit

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: BakPhar. [1]

Home Office: New Benner, Baker 3 (circa 3024).[1]

President/CEO: John Sleeth (circa 3024).[1]


Baker Pharmaceuticals had been in business with the Lyran Commonwealth for many years but encountered serious financial and personnel problems after losing a 300-million S-Bill lawsuit in 3023 when a batch of their synthetic molecular antibodies went toxic, killing over 100 Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces soldiers. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, Nashan Diversified launched a takeover attempt in 3024, which Baker CEO John Sleeth attempted to resist by ordering his brokers to buy back all public Baker stocks at a substantially higher price than Nashan's offer.[1]

While saving the company in the short-term, the heavy financial burden of the buy-back forced BP to cut costs and let go staff, leaving it in dire straits with many observers questioning if the company would survive beyond 3025.[1] Nashan would ultimately succeed in acquiring Baker Pharmaceuticals, but rather than reorganize and integrate the company's Baker 3 headquarters into the Nashan family, Nashan chose to virtually liquidate BP and transfer its remaining assets to Nashan's newer Donegal offices to serve as its Nashan Pharmaceuticals division.[2]


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