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Basantapur Fine Metals

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Basantapur Fine Metals
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Colorado
Primary Products Conventional Aircraft

Basantapur Fine Metals is a rare alloy and defense manufacturer within the Federated Suns.[1]

Company ProfileEdit

New Avalon Stock & Commodities Symbol: BSFM

Home Office: Jupaipur, Basantapur

President/CEO: Rajah Mohandis Fredericks (circa 3025)[1], Innebeth Hiccs (circa 3067) [2]


Basantapur specializes in the creation of rare alloys, most of which are used in military applications such as the internal framework of BattleMechs. As of 3025, the company operated many large foundries on the worlds of Basantapur and As Samik. While the company has survived the Succession Wars with little damage, a long history of bad management has prevented the firm from achieving its full potential. Over the years, the Davion government has thought about nationalizing the company, but each time this is considered, they realize that the solution would only cause more problems.[1]

After a disastrous 3026, Hanse Davion appointed a new management team made up of capable executives. By 3031 Basantapur was operating more effectively than it ever had before and returned record profits. Things went so well that Basantapur created a new subsidiary to exploit petroleum reserves and by 3040 they had purchased a small transportation company to move their products to clients in the Federated Suns, Lyran Commonwealth, and Free Worlds League. They maintain mining operations in scores of systems across the Federated Suns and the near Periphery.[2]

With their local supply of germanium drying up, Basantapur began production of the Drake medium conventional fighter in order to diversify.[3] This followed on the heels of their experimental Drake variant, which used Modular Armor to provide additional protection.[4]


Basantapur Fine Metals has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Note: Since the start of the Jihad the facility on Colorado, suffers minimal capital and personnel losses of 15%, and the operating capacity of the factory has an production volume of 85% in 3079.[5]

Components produced on Colorado:[4][6][3]
Component Type
Conventional Fighter
Drake Medium Strike Fighter[4][6] Conventional Aircraft
Imstar DF/35 Special Drake[6]
Fusion Engine
GM 210 Drake[6]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
BFM Vehicular Stealth Drake[6]
Communications System
GPT Multi-Track Standard w/Guardian ECM Drake[6]
Targeting-Tracking System
IMB SYS 7000 Drake[6]
Krupp Drake[6]
Light AC-5
SarLon MiniCannon Drake[6]


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