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Battle of McCarel Farm Avalon County 3067 31st Division (Word of Blake) 10th Lyran Guards
Avalon City Harold McCarel Sourbug Prairie Schooner (tractor) Prairie Schooner (module)
New Avalon Battle of New Avalon Jihad James McFarland Terry McQuinn


  • For discussions, let's meet on this assignment's talk page (I've added three notes there). For quick notes, this place is a good place to throw them out there.
  • I may add others, as I contemplate the relationships that are impacted by this assignment.

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James McFarland 31st Division (Word of Blake)
Terry McQuinn


  • On sourbug, I made the missing data points 'n/a' vice the default '???'. It seems to me that from anacademic perspective, you'd be more likely to see that used.

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James McFarland


  • Adding links to 3066 and 3067.
  • Adding tag pipe repoint link to Albion on Scourbug page.