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Battle of Marik (3136)

Battle of Marik
Part of Dark Age era
Start Date 3 October 3136 - 3137[1]
Planet Marik
Spirit Cats
Marik-Stewart Commonwealth
Commanders and leaders
Rikkard Nova Cat Daniella Briggs




In October 3136, Rikkard’s Clusters invaded the planet Marik, owned by the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. His efforts were opposed by General Daniella Briggs. Rikkard tried to show by example that no matter how dirty the Commonwealth force might fight, he would fight like a Clansman and not stoop to their level.

By November Rikkard led his forces to the metropolis of Dormuth. His warriors quickly became bogged down trying to take the city, as Commonwealth forces used guerrilla tactics and sabotage to tie down his forces. The Battle for Marik began to drag out over months, as both sides counted on reinforcements to give them some edge over their opponents.

In February of 3137 Lady Julietta Marik arrived to negotiate with Star Colonel Rikkard. She offered an alliance in order to wrest the planet from the Commonwealth and Anson Marik, above all else. Rikkard initially rejected the offer, but when news reached him of Kev Rosse's assassination and Clan Nova Cat calling all Nova Cats in the Republic home, he realized no reinforcements would be coming. Rikkard was demoralized by the news of his friend's death, and saw the alliance with the Oriente Protectorate as the only way to save his people from death on Marik. Rikkard also reaffirmed his commitment to take Marik as a sanctuary for the Spirit Cats.

By April, no Protectorate forces had arrived and the Spirit Cat position had become desperate. Julietta Marik then revealed that Oriente would not be sending ground reinforcements, having never clarified originally what kinds of assistance her realm could offer. Angered by the duplicity, Rikkard struck Julietta. Rikkard was then challenged by Janis Nova Cat to a Trial of Grievance over his hesitation and deal-making with the Oriente Protectorate. Defeating her, Rikkard was forced to kill Janis as she refused to yield and accept the trial's outcome. In his moment of great despair, Rikkard drew inspiration from Julietta and her duty to her nation. Rikkard realized his honor in winning Marik was only worthwhile if it helped his people, not in how he conducted himself.

Dispatching a courier to the orbiting Sea Fox Voidswimmer, Rikkard struck a deal with the Sea Foxes. They would give Clan Sea Fox warehouse rights on the planet if they provided reinforcements to defeat the Commonwealth forces. Ovkhan Petr Kalasa agreed and together the Spirit Cats/Sea Foxes were able to overwhelm and wipe out their opposition.



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