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Belle Lee

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Belle Lee.jpg
Belle Lee
Born 3041
Died 3119
Affiliation Federated Suns
Republic of the Sphere

Belle Lee (Born 3041,[1] died ca. 3119[2]) MechWarrior, Officer, Resistance Fighter, and Commanding General of the Allied Coalition.

Character DescriptionEdit

A brilliant strategist and hot tempered individual, who at times had trouble controlling her temper.[3] She was described as having flaming red hair and blue eyes during her time commanding Stone's Lament.[4]


Early Life & CareerEdit

Belle was born to a modest family on the Federated Suns world of Fortymile. A bright child, she went on to achieve a high score in her academy testing. She won a planetary scholarship to the prestigious NAIS on New Avalon.

While attending the NAIS, her fiery personality landed her into trouble, which resulted in her scoring lowest among her graduating class. Once graduated, she was assigned as an officer in the New Syrtis planetary militia. She mustered out of the militia in the middle of the FedCom Civil War, where she was disgusted with partisan politics of the FedCom.

She joined a local mercenary command, which she used as a means to keep her skills sharp. She became a respected mercenary commander during her career.[5] She sent money to her family on Fortymile, until her capture by Word of Blake raiders.[3]

The Jihad & StoneEdit

She was sent by the Word of Blake to Re-education camp, RBMU 105. Details of her capture and incarceration have not been fully revealed, and it's been suspected Devlin Stone has ordered her not to speak of it. What is known is that she joined the prison resistance group led by Devlin Stone, ultimately succeeding in overpowering their captors and taking over the camp.

She went on to become one of Devlin Stone's inner circle, organizing the fellow survivors into part of his new military force, Stone's Laments. Belle became a regimental commander whose tactics were adopted by the Lament.[6]

She later became commander of Stone's Coalition of Allied troops, with rank of General. As she was commanding the multi-national forces, her fiery temper led to problems between allied commands and media.[7] However, she made up the difference by focusing her frustration on Blakists, and her compassion and regard for her people inspired strong loyalty among her troops.[3]

In early December 3076 the arrival of the Little Big Horn on Donegal prompted media speculation that Belle and various other senior military officers were meeting on Donegal to plan the invasion of the Word of Blake Protectorate. While the Little Big Horn hadn't been confirmed to be Belle's command vessel, adding credence to the rumors was the presence of both Field Marshal Katherine Sandoval-Ito of the AFFS and Tai-shu Isoroku Kurita of the DCMS on Donegal, where both had been in seclusion since mid-November, and the arrival of Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner on Donegal the day after the Little Big Horn landed.[8]

Belle led a number of planetary campaigns personally during Operation SCOUR, the campaign to liberate the worlds of the Word of Blake Protectorate, including the second assault on Chara in October 3077.[9]

Road to Liberate TerraEdit

As General of the Republic of the SphereEdit

As the Republic of the Sphere established itself as a nation, Devlin Stone and David Lear debated asking Lee to accept the post of Commanding General of the Republic Armed Forces. Lee refused to consider the high-level post, arguing vehemently that she should remain deployed along with the field army; while the indications are that this was accepted, Lear evidently pushed for her to moved from a field position to a strategic position in the longer term, so as to avoid creating a vocal opponent to various reforms who would also enjoy the popular support of much of the armed forces. With Lee adamant about not serving as Commanding General, the second choice candidacy fell to Victor Steiner-Davion.[10]


Having fought with Stone for seventeen years since Kittery, Belle Lee eventually tired of warfare and retired to Fortymile where she had a son. She lived to see her grandson's fifth birthday in ca. 3119.[2]

Titles & RanksEdit

  • Commanding General of Stone's Lament
  • Commanding General of Stone's Allied Coalition.



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