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Benson and Bjorn

Benson and Bjorn was a military armaments manufacturer in the Free Rasalhague Republic and later Clan Ghost Bear.

Benson and Bjorn
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Spittal
Primary Products Vehicles


The Clan Ghost Bear were not really impressed when they captured the planet Spittal. Having seen the Benson and Bjorn vehicle production plant they felt that the plant was too crude for Clan standards. The Bear's continued to use their production line, but they had no plans to bring the plant up to Clan technology standards.[1] However, during the later part of the Jihad the now Ghost Bear Dominion needed produce more traditional vehicle for its KungsArmé Galaxies. The Clan's merchant caste then invested money to bring tech abilities to produce Clan grade vehicles starting with the Axel IIC.[2] In later stages of the Jihad, Benson and Bjorn would gather success improving their vehicle designs. During the Jihad the plant lost no personnel, and it was operating at 90% efficiency in 3079.[3] However, the company began to clash with the Scientist Caste who saw the success of upgraded Inner Sphere designs as tarnish against their honor. They would use forcefully commission B&B to produce the Vidar Heavy Defense Tank, which would turn out to be inferior to previous designs the company had produced.[4]



Technical Readout:Prototypes lists the company name's backward as Bjorn and Benson.[7]


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