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Bigfoot's Bruisers

Bigfoot's Bruisers
Unit Profile (as of 3136)
CO Captain Roy Patrick
JumpShips No
DropShips No
Aerospace No
Armor Yes
Infantry No


The Dark AgeEdit

Anton's Stompers is a small mercenary unit.

The unit is mostly known for a raid on the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey world of Conakry in 3136. Captain Roy Patrick ran out of Thunderbolt ammunition, and unable to provide distant coverage, he charged from his rear position and threw his weight into the fray. His Avalanche ducked and weaved around a Duchy Griffin and, with no room to fire with accuracy, instead smashed both arms across the head of the enemy 'Mech. The brutal decapitation spooked the remaining Duchy forces and they withdrew, leaving the city of Stanley and its silver reserves to the Bruisers.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Bigfoot's Bruisers
Captain Roy Patrick 3136[1]



Composition HistoryEdit


Unknown, but the unit is classified as small.[1]



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