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Black Omen

Throughout its checkered history, the Black Omen mercenary unit has earned a reputation for doing whatever necessary to achieve victory, regardless of honor or morality.

Black Omen
Unit Profile (as of 3071)
CO Captain/Tai-i Richard Smith
JumpShips No
DropShips Yes
Aerospace No
Armor No
Infantry No


Over the course of its history the Black Omen accepted contracts for corporate garrison duty, security detail, raiding as well as subcontracting as an oversize recon force for larger mercenary units. Aside from a willingness to engage in dishonorable conduct when confronted by a superior force, the unit had not attracted a record of note. By 3050 the unit had successfully completed sixteen contracts with only two defaults.[1]

Clan InvasionEdit

Immediately prior to the Clan Invasion the Black Omen was under contract to the Free Rasalhague Republic and stationed on the Rasalhague Province world of Damian.[2]

Targeted as part of Clan Ghost Bear's first invasion wave in March 3050 by the 34th Striker Trinary of the 8th Bear Cuirassiers, while the 34th expected to face the Omen they were disappointed to find that unit had seemingly broken contract for a third time and fled, leaving a small garrison before moving on. Faced with certain destruction, the Omen however had gone into hiding and waited, emerging to overrun the small Clan force the left behind. Realizing the Ghost Bears would return to extract their revenge, the Omen broadcast a distress call via ComStar, ensuring that some type of relief force would respond by offering Clantech salvage to any unit that replied.[1][3][4][5][6]

Enraged by the mercenaries' treachery, the Ghost Bears indeed returned during their second wave to take back Damian, offering no mercy to the forces of the Black Omen. Engaging in unorthodox tactics, including wrapping their BattleMechs in huge swaths of burlap before submerging their 'Mechs in an ice lake to mask their initial counter-attack against the arriving Bears, the Omen gave as good they got, surviving until the arrival of a DCMS task force responding to their call allowed them to escape off-world, but not before losing their entire first company.[1][3] [4] [5][7]

Gaining passage to the Republic world of Memmingen, the surviving elements of the Omen would form an alliance with the equally battered Outlaws mercenary unit. Targeted during Clan Wolf's fifth invasion wave in November 3051, the combined "Black Outlaws" suffered heavy losses against the Wolves' 37th Strike Cluster before they pulled out around the time as the KungsArmé's 3rd Drakøn. [1] [3] [8] [5] [9]

With the combined Black Outlaws withdrawing this time to Ueda, with the immediate danger over after the Battle of Tukayyid, the surviving members of the original Black Omen decided it was time to part with the Outlaws. Returning to Outreach to the amazement of many, having being listed as missing and presumed destroyed, the Omen set about rebuilding, its supply of Clantech salvage and the fact they survived contact with the invaders making them an attractive command to employ despite their checkered history, only enhanced by the unit's fire to avenge their losses against the Clans. [1] [3] [5] [9]

Operation Bulldog to JihadEdit

Enlisting the aid of the Wolf's Dragoons techs, the Black Omen completed its rest and refit before accepting a contract for special raiding missions out of the Combine held world of Wolcott, duty that was well suited to such an unorthodox unit. This role was expanded during Operation Bulldog, with the Black Omen serving much the same purpose as the units of Operation Bird Dog. Remaining under contract to the Combine after Bulldog on Wolcott, with the outbreak of the Combine-Ghost Bear War and the Omen eager for some retribution against their old enemy, the unit secretly penetrated Dominion space to perform a McCarron's Armored Cavalry style "deep raid" against the worlds of Pinnacle, Holmsbu, Thule and finally Damian. Destroying anything of military value they could not remove before withdrawing from the world where they'd suffered so much pain many years before, the Omen unfurled a large flag with their crest as a calling card to the Bears.[1][3]

Its contract coming up for renewal in late 3067 just as the Word of Blake Jihad began, with the Combine's renewed "Death to Mercenaries" philosophy the Omen seemingly disappeared from its station on Wolcott without a trace. While the MRBC had transmitted an APB in 3071 seeking to learn the Black Omen's whereabouts, the DCMS hadn't yet accused the unit of breach of contract, leading some to speculate that the unit was still working for the Combine out of the public eye.[10]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Black Omen
Major Edwina Forrest 3050[2][9]
Captain/Tai-i Richard Smith 3059 - 3067[11][3][1]


The Black Omen's tactics are guided by a simple principle - baffle the enemy with the unexpected. Specializing in guerrilla operations and "raid-and-fade" strikes, the Omen constantly skirts the fringes of dishonorable conduct, justifying its questionable behavior in response it to encounters with opponents with superior numbers/strength. [1] [3]

Dragoons RatingEdit

3059 to 3067Edit

C+[1] [3]

Composition HistoryEdit



The Black Omen (1 company/Veteran/Questionable) [11]

  • CO: Captain Richard Smith [11]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Wolcott. [11]


  • 1 light/medium lance
  • 2 heavyweight lances

Between captured Clan salvage and Star League upgrades offered by the Combine, the Omen's 'Mechs are outfitted with a reasonable number of advanced Inner Sphere weapons and a small smattering of Clantech, earning it a 30% upgrade rating. [1] By 3067 they had acquired a single Clan OmniMech, Captain Smith's Mad Cat [3]


  • The Omen's actions on Damian during the Clan Invasion were almost single-handedly responsible for Clan Ghost Bear's extreme hatred toward mercenaries and refusal to give them honorable conduct.[3]
  • The Omen paint their machines solid black with blood-red trim. The unit insignia, a spread-winged raven over a field dripping with blood, is painted on the upper left torso of each 'Mech.[1][3]
  • The post-Damian Black Omen's unit motto is "There are no dishonorable tactics when your life hangs in the balance", one of Captain Richard Smith's favorite sayings. [1] [3]
  • After its reformation after the initial Clan Invasion, the Black Omen owned a single Union-class DropShip, large enough to transport the unit's 'Mechs, but not sufficient technical personnel.[1] The unit expanded its transport and support elements after capturing a Ghost Bear Union-C on their return raid to Damian, achieving an 80% support rating.[3]



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