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Blessed Order

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Once a term used by pre-Schism members to describe ComStar, the Blessed Order was the name adopted by a secret neo-Blakist faction within Dark Age ComStar.


Hiding behind ComStar's neutrality, in 3128 at Malcolm Buhl's direction agents of the Blessed Order secretly stole advanced Word of Blake technical data, including extensive specs on the Manei Domini's Celestial series OmniMechs, stored within a protected Republic of the Sphere data depot on Terra. Re-engineering the secured schematics to develop the Uraeus and Kheper BattleMechs, Buhl commissioned the New Earth Trading Company - little more than a corporate front owned and operated by ComStar since the early Succession Wars - to secretly construct production lines for these new 'Mechs as well as a new DropShip design, the Duat-class, hiding them among the massive volume of civilian manufacturing lines operated by NETC as the Blessed Order set about reforming the Com Guard. [1] [2]

Much like ComStar as a whole, the Blessed Order were caught off-guard by the HPG Blackout and assisted in trying to restore the HPG network, with Precentor Buhl in his role of Director of Special Projects setting up the Cassie DeBurke Institute for Hyperspatial Studies to solve the problem. When one of Institute's student Tucker Harwell, younger brother of Blessed Order member and First Division officer Patricia Harwell, devised a viable means of restarting a HPG, Buhl dispatched him to test his theories on the HPG on Wyatt. Delighted when Tucker succeeded and recognizing the importance of what Harwell's success could mean for ComStar, and more importantly the Blessed Order, Buhl made the fateful decision to send Patrica and the First to extract him the Blessed Order's secret Omega One base on Luyten 68-28.[2] [3] [4]

While considering the public revelation of the reformed Com Guard worth the price to acquire Tucker for the Blessed Order, Buhl was unprepared for the Republic of the Sphere's response, with undercover Knight of the Sphere Alexi Holt successfully piercing the Blessed Order's security and infiltrating Omega One. A surprise strike by Republic Armed Forces troops in September 3140 rescued Tucker and Holt, but the bulk of the Blessed Order and First Division was able to evacuate, fleeing to a secret base on Epsilon Eridani. Cornered by the RAF, the Blessed Order were ultimately crushed by the Republic of the Sphere with all of ComStar within the Fortress Republic paying the price, forcibly integrated into the Republic.[4]

Military unitsEdit

Group known basesEdit

  • Omega One base: Located in the system Luyten 68-28, abandoned in 3140 after being discovered.
  • Alpha base: Old Star League Defense Force base, located in Epsilon Eridani system, destroyed by Republic forces in 3140.
  • Other secondary bases around all Republic space.


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