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Blood of the Coyote

Blood of the Coyote
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Cameron


CCS Blood of the Coyote was a Cameron-class battlecruiser and in 3061 was a part of the Clan Coyote touman, assigned to Delta Galaxy.[1]

During the Wars of Reaving the Blood of the Coyote was involved in the Coyote campaign to seize the Clan Diamond Shark holdings on Vinton in August 3073. The Blood of Ages survived the Diamond Shark SDS in the system, although the SDS would claim both the CCS Broken Sea and the CCS Courage, and went on to destroy the CDS Deal Breaker, although not before the Deal Breaker had gutted the Lola III-class destroyer CCS Honor of Ages. As the Blood of the Coyote was destroying the Deal Breaker several Stars of AeroSpace Fighters were destroying key components of the SDS to allow the Coyote ground forces to land.[2]

When the Coyote DropShips grounded at Aquatine Island were strafed by the Attack Squadron from the 15th Cruiser Cluster, a result of the local defenders travelling underwater from the nearby Ophilia Island and launching a spoiling attack against the defending Coyote forces, the Coyote response was to have the Blood of the Coyote bombard Ophilia Island from orbit, vaporising it and the five hundred thousand civilians on the island at the time.[2]

The battle for Vinton carried on into 3074, and in January a swarm consisting of several small craft and fourteen DropShips - including two Inner Sphere pattern Excalibur-class DropShips - launched from the Diamond Shark base at the pole and launched a counterstrike against the Blood of the Coyote. The Blood of the Coyote took heavy damage from the assault, and when the CCS Windrunner intervened the Blood of the Coyote took the opportunity to withdraw.[2]

Blood of the Coyote finally left the Vinton system in March 3074, along with Epsilon and Rho Galaxies under the command of saKhan Clearwater.[3] Blood of the Coyote was not listed within the Coyote touman by 3085,[4] indicating that the ship was most likely destroyed or abandoned during the Wars of Reaving.


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