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Bolan's Blood

Bolan's Blood
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union


Bolan's Blood was a Union-class DropShip in service to House Steiner, under Commander Reynolds. It had been operating in conjunction with the Cassion's Commandos BattleMech company (under Hauptmann Cassion) since circa 3000, hitting various Free Worlds League worlds along the border.

In 3002 Cassion's Commandos and the Bolan's Blood were sent on a deep penetration raid against factories on the Free Worlds League planet Autumn Wind under a new a new task force commander, one Leutnant Colonel O'Reilly. O'Reilly overruled the battle plan drawn up by Cassion and Reynolds and ordered simultaneous attacks against the four target complexes. The attack was famously repulsed through House Marik Colonel Joseph Yetti using Planetlifter air transports and his 751st Jump Regiment, and the final act was a lucky missile hit that crippled the Bolan's Blood on landing approach when it tried to pick up its forces. With no way off the planet, Cassion's Commandos and the DropShip surrendered.[1]

It is unknown if the victorious Marik forces were able to return the crippled Bolan's Blood to flight status.


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