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Bombast Laser

Bombast Laser (new).png
Bombast Laser
Production information
Type Energy Weapon
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1] Experimental[2]
Year Availability 3064[1]
Technical specifications
Heat Various
Damage 7 - 12
Minimum Range n/a
Short Range 1-5[1]
Medium Range 6-10[1]
Long Range 11-15[1]
Tons 7[1]
Critical Slots 3
Ammo Per Ton n/a
Cost (unloaded) 200,000[1]
Ammo Cost (per ton) n/a
BV (2.0) 137[3]


Developed by the Lyran Alliance in 3064, the Bombast Laser was designed to be the ultimate word in laser weapons. During the design process, its engineers had to reduce the weight of the weapon. This sacrifice came from the power supply, which made the weapon slow at charging.

To make up for this, the engineers added the ability for the warrior to adjust the yield of damage inflicted by the weapon. The power management, however, proved to be impractical and distracting in the field for its users. The weapon reached prototype production by 3064. Its unusual pre-fire glow from building up its power became a popular visual effect on Solaris VII, making the weapon popular as well.[2]


The Bombast Laser is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Defiance DialScope Model A Defiance Industries Hesperus II  ??? [citation needed]
Maxell Maximum Arcturus Arcturan Arms Vedette V7 [4]

Technology RatingEdit



Game RulesEdit

The Bombast Laser is an adjusted damage weapon. When the weapon is fired the pilot chooses to set it to a damage rating from 7 to 12. However this brings with it a targeting modifier according to the following formula: (current damage - minimum damage) / 2; rounded up.[2]


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