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Brian Cameron (31st c.)

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This article is about the Wolf's Dragoons communications officer. For the former First Lord of the Star League, see Brian Cameron.
Brian Cameron
Born 3036[1]
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Spouse Maeve Wolf

Brian Cameron (born 3036 – died 3???) was a Trueborn officer known for serving with the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary unit.


Early life and careerEdit

The Trueborn genetic offspring of William Cameron, a Dragoons' hero and former communications officer to Jaime Wolf, Brian graduated at the top of his sibko not long after the Battle of Luthien. He was immediately assigned as Colonel Jaime Wolf's new communications officer, effectively taking his father's place.[2]

Brian served well in his new position, taking part in a Dragoon action on Morges in 3054 against Clan Jade Falcon. Sometime later, he helped foil an Elemental assassination attempt on Colonel Wolf. During this period, he first become involved in a romantic relationship with fellow Dragoon Maeve. He would later accompany Colonel Wolf to Luthien for Wolf's duel with Takashi Kurita, a duel that would never take place.

Dragoon Civil WarEdit

Brian immediately sided with Colonel Wolf during the Dragoon Civil War, becoming one of his key supporters, and leading one of the battle groups. His presence there helped convince Maeve, acting commander of the Wolf Spider Battalion, to side with Wolf as well. He was at the Colonel's side during the final battles of the conflict, finally witnessing Wolf's victory.

Afterwards, he assisted in reorganizing the Dragoons, continuing to serve as now-Commander Jaime Wolf's aide-de-camp. He also became one of the few people to learn that Maeve was, in fact, a female genetic clone of Jaime Wolf.[3]

Word of Blake JihadEdit

In the aftermath of the "rogue mercenary" attacks on Outreach in 3067 and the death of Jaime Wolf, Brian was known to have taken temporary command of the surviving Dragoon units on-planet. Cameron ordered the Dragoons the "Condition Feral", after receiving news of Jaime Wolf's death. He remained as acting Dragoon's commander until Maeve Wolf returned to Outreach.[4] Somehow, Brian survived to Second Harlech and the evacuation to Outreach, as Maeve mentioned his presence on Arc-Royal weeks later.[5][6][7]


  • The "Cameron" surname was, in fact, a Wolf's Dragoons Honorname, as Brian was a genetic descendant from William Cameron, a Dragoon who was killed during the Fourth Succession War. He has no known relation whatsoever to the Cameron line of the Star League, who were reportedly wiped out at the start of the Amaris Civil War, but it may not be very surprising than William choose that name in honor of them.
  • Brian was known to pilot a Loki OmniMech. With its impressive electronic warfare equipment, it was an ideal 'Mech for a communications officer.[8]
  • Much of the Wolf Pack novel, which chronicles the Dragoon Civil War among other events, is told from Brian's perspective.


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