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Bright Fang

The Bright Fang was a Clan Wolf Union-C-class DropShip that participated in Operation Hammerfall.

Bright Fang
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union-C

When the DropShip, along another Union-C Cold Hearth and a Overlord-C Sharp Paw appeared with their Lyran Alliance allies in the zenith jump point of Helm, they were ambushed by the FWS Wanda Marik, a Gorgon-class carrier that engaged them when they were still only a few hundred thousand kilometers from their JumpShips.

Using tactics developed during the Jihad, Wanda's fighters made a high-speed pass against the Wolf DropShips and deployed antiship missiles. A lucky shot severely damaged the Sharp Paw's engines, effectively putting it out of the fight.

Outgunned by the Wanda and her fighters, first the Bright Fang, then the Cold Hearth resorted to deploying 'Mechs for space combat. After three hours of heavy fighting, the Wanda and her fighter complement had destroyed a full Trinary of Clan Wolf 'Mechs and significantly damaged the Sharp Paw. With two of their three DropShips battered, the Wolves began withdrawing to their transport JumpShips.

The DropShip though survived to fight another day.[1]


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