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Bromley Stables

Bromley Stables
Colors/Badge Orange and Grey; orange weight scales against a black and gray yin-yang
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran[citation needed]
Elite (3067)
Rating B (3054 and 3067)
Faction Affiliation Free Worlds League
Units Used
BattleMechs 30 (3051 and 3054)
24 (3067)


Bromley Stables had a reputation as the best pro-Free Worlds League stable on Solaris VII. The warriors attached to this stable were from a variety of the League's polities, but despite this they worked together very well. They had access to two training facilities and a training officer who drove them hard.[1] The Stable is based in Montenegro.[2]


The Stable was founded in 2981.[2]

Thaddeus Bromley died during a building collapse and the former security chief took up the lead of the stables until the sons of the founder is old enough.

During the Jihad and the WoB invasion of Solaris, many of their skilled MechWarriors declared allegiance to the Word of Blake and turned on their stablemates from within.[3] The stable had dissolved prior to 3077[4], and most probably during the WoB invasion[citation needed], but made a comeback during the Dark Age.[5]


Bromley Stables is not very kind on MechWarriors leaving the stable, even more if they discover they are changing allegiances. It is said that some MechWarriors that tried that disappear.[6]

Stablemaster and OwnerEdit

  • Thaddeus Bromley was the Stablemaster of Bromley Stables on 3051 and still partially in 3067.[6]. He was known for his extreme hatred of MechWarrior Cooperatives.[7]
  • Victoria Emmet was the interim chief of the stable in 3067. Prior to her leadership role, she was the bodyguard for Thaddeus Bromley.[1]
  • Aldis Bromley was one of the sons of Thaddeus Bromley who was brevetted to be StableMaster. He tried to frame Connor DeLon in an scandal to manipulate construction contracts, and died in 3073 in a suspicious car accident.[8]

Notable PersonnelEdit


  • Jarvo Purvis worked in the past for the McCarron's Armored Cavalry and is skilled in the repair of heavily damage machines. But he has disputes with his employer, and the Stable would change him if they find a better option.[9]
  • Simon Vontanna was one of the technicians from the Stable, with a good relationship with Richard Fulton.[10]


  • 'David Saleski is a former Marik Sergeant who has a hard training program for any soldier under his command.[11]
  • Evelyn Czerny - Czerny lost her left hand in a freak ammunition explosion, ultimately being retained by Bromley Stables as an instructor as per 3067.[12]


In 3051 40 MechWarriors were fighting for Bromley Stables.[13] In 3067 they numbered 32 MechWarriors.[14]

Known MechwarriorsEdit

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Evelyn Czerny Clan Invasion
Civil War
3064 Solaris Games Grand Champion [15]
Richard "Fury" Fulton Clan Invasion
Civil War
Paul Guire Succession Wars [16]
Gomez Long Succession Wars
Clan Invasion
Ranks within top twenty MechWarriors [17]
Jeanette Mason Clan Invasion
Civil War
Kevin McFadden Civil War [18]
Reshad Michaud Dark Age [19]


Master of AssassinsEdit

  • Victoria Emmet worked in 3051 as the Stables Master of Assassins. Rumor says she has made short work of Bromley's enemies.[7]

Tactics and StyleEdit

Highly skilled in all arena combat styles (for example lance to lance fights). They also fight fanatically, pushing their machines to perform even when they have massive damage. They are also extremely aggressive when fighting Cooperatives.[1]


Bromley Stables owns two major training facilities:

  • One in a desert far to the south
  • One in an island off the coast

Both are isolated though have all the needed for training, and both have barracks, a small combat field and full maintenance facilities. This isolation has made some gladiators wanting the leave the stable.[20]


As per 3067, the standard contract is for 1.200 C-Bills and a 25% of the earnings.[21]


Game RulesEdit

The Stable as of 3067 Veteran status with access with C Rated Equipment.

Bromley Stables' MechWarriors never surrender. If facing a Cooperative rather than a Stable, the Bromley's MechWarriors receive a +1 Initiative bonus.[22]


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