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Historical: Brush Wars

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Historical: Brush Wars
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills (Development assistance)
Primary writing Chris Hartford
Herbert A. Beas II
David L. McCulloch
Ben Rome
Pages 144
Cover artwork Klaus Scherwinski (Art)
Adam Jury (Design)
Illustrations Ray Arrastia
Robert Atkinson
Brad McDevitt
Klaus Scherwinski
Alys Sjardijn
Øystein Tvedten (Maps)
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code 35105
First published 21 August 2006
ISBN-10 1932564810
ISBN-13 978-1932564815
MSRP 24.99 US $
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 30143034


Historical: Brush Wars is a sourcebook that details three different minor, or "brush," wars; Anton's Revolt, The War of Andurien Secession, and the Ronin War. For each section there is a historical synopsis, details of the major engagements, and a rules annex at the end supports players and gamemasters who wish to set a game during one of these events. Brush Wars supports Classic BattleTech, BattleForce 2, and Inner Sphere in Flames.

From the back coverEdit

The Ronin Wars. The Andurien/Magistracy invasion of House Liao. The Anton Revolt and subsequent Marik Civil War. Against the empire-spanning conflicts of the Fourth Succession War, Clan Invasion and FedCom Civil War, historians all too often forget such important conflicts, relegating them to the category of "low intensity warfare." Yet it is these very conflicts that tend to shape the internal politics and culture of each faction, often with more profound impact than the largest wars.

The Historical: Brush Wars campaign sourcebook details the actions involving every line unit in the most important "low level conflicts" of the early thirty-first century. Maps and full regiment listings convey additional details, while ample campaign rules provide a framework allowing players to replay every detail of each war.


  • "The Blood Snow"
  • Introduction
  • Anton Marik's Revolt
    • Seeds of Rebellion
    • Personalities
    • Opening Moves
    • Rebellion
    • Faltering Steps
    • Collapse
    • Final Mistake
    • Ashes of Rebellion
    • Aftermath
    • Deployment Tables
  • The Ronin War
    • A Sampling Across the Sphere
    • Introduction
    • Personalities
    • Rebellions and Intrigue
    • Treachery and Treason
    • The Drakon's Bite
    • The Dragon's Anger
    • End of Honor
    • Ripples and Shockwaves
    • Deployment Tables
  • Rules Annex
    • Anton's Revolt
    • Andurien Wars
    • Ronin War
  • Index


  • Technical Readout: 3058 Upgrade, published the same year as Brush Wars, shares the same production code (35015). Later printings of Brush Wars would have a new production code of 35105.