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Bulwark Assault Vehicle
Production information
Manufacturer Brooks Incorporated
Production Year 3114[1]
Mission Assault
Type Tracked
Technical specifications
Mass 85 Tons
Armor Durallex Special Heavy Ferro-Fibrous
Engine Strand 340 XL Fusion
Speed 64 kph km/h
Communications System Maxell 700
Targeting Tracking System Maxell TA92
Heat Sinks 15

1 X Heavy PPC
1 X Improved Heavy Gauss Rifle

BV (2.0) 1,737[2][3]


Originally developed at the dawn of the Jihad, the Bulwark Assault Vehicle is a Combat Vehicle that was produced during the late thirty-first century in the Free Worlds League. The vehicle was created by Brooks Incorporated of Kendall, and was designed using the latest technologies of the day. However, shortages of the vehicle's then-key weaponry kept it from entering production until 3087.

It would go on to service the fragmented nation-states of the League and would be bought by mercenary forces over course of the Republic era and beyond. It received an update in 3114, that would give it advanced technology augmenting its firepower for the new century.[4]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Powered by a 340-rated Strand Extra-Light Fusion Engine, the Bulwark is not the fastest of combat vehicles. Despite this, its top speed is still sufficient to enable it to keep pace with slower assault units. Eleven and a half tons of Durallex Special Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Armor provides sufficient protection to allow the Bulwark to handle heavy fire while supporting other combat units in the field.

The Bulwark's firepower is limited to two anti-vehicle/anti-BattleMech weapons which are sufficient to kill any opponent it may face. The vehicle's primary hitting power comes from its Imperator Titan’s Wrath Improved Heavy Gauss Rifle which is mounted in the front. The vehicle's fire control is noted for being highly accurate, allowing the Bulwark to hit its targets with greater regularity. Its 16 rounds of ammunition allow it to stay in the field long enough to be effective. The vehicle's secondary weapon is its Fusigon Strongtooth Heavy Particle Projection Cannon found in the vehicle's turret.[5]


  • Original 
    The original Bulwark was first produced 3087, with a different weapons layout due to the lack of a sufficient supply of intended weapons. The vehicle was armed with a Heavy Gauss Rifle in place of the iHGR, backed up by a standard Gauss Rifle mounted in its turret. Both weapons had sixteen rounds of ammunition and vehicle's hull was protected by standard armor. BV(2.0)=1,681[6][7]

Design QuirksEdit


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