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Callandre Kell

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Callandre Kell, ca. 3145
Callandre Kell
Also known as "Calamity Kell"
Born 3106[citation needed]
Affiliation House Kell
Rank Colonel
Profession Armor commander
Parents Martin Kell (father)

Callandre "Calamity" Kell (born 3106) was a descendant of Morgan Kell, co-founder of the famed Kell Hounds mercenary unit. She would eventually command the Hounds during the final years of the Dark Age era.[1]


In 3140, she was sent to Federated Suns space by the Archon Melissa Steiner to try to recruit her old boyfriend Julian Davion, without success.[2] After Duke Vedet Brewer fled from Tharkad, Melissa put Callandre at the command of Tharkad's defenses against the Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon attack.[3]

In 3142, Evan Kell was killed in action and Callandre would become Colonel of the Kell Hounds.[1]

In 3146 the Hounds were scattered to the four winds after Clan Jade Falcon's brutal conquest of Arc-Royal. Late in the next year, Callandre sent a cryptic message on the back of transmissions leaving Jade Falcon space, asking the Hounds' surviving remnants to rendezvous "Where It All Began." She and her compatriots are thought to have retreated into the deep Periphery, but their ultimate fate remains unknown.[4]


Kell, when studying in the Nagelring, had a brief relationship with Julian Davion, one with far reaching consequences.[5]


Callandre was an exceptional tank pilot. Her favorite vehicle was the SM1 Tank Destroyer.[5]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Evan Kell
Colonel of Kell Hounds
3142 -

Succeeded by


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