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Camelot (Individual Overlord-class DropShip)

This article is about the Overlord-class DropShip. For the JumpShip that disovered New Avalon, see Camelot.

The FSS Camelot was an Overlord-class[1] DropShip serving the Federated Suns during the Fourth Succession War.

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Overlord

As of 10 September 3029 the Camelot was on a top-secret mission carrying Melissa Steiner-Davion from New Avalon to Tharkad. Thus, when an Overlord-class vessel pretending to be the Camelot approached the planet and was cleared for landing, Hanse Davion (one of the few people who knew of the ship's mission at the time) concluded the approaching vessel could not be the real Camelot and raised alarm. The false Camelot actually carried combat troops disguised as House Liao Death Commandos who were combat-dropped against the New Avalon Institute of Science complex (a covert ComStar operation).[2]


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