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Canopian Fusiliers

Canopian fusiliers.jpg
Canopian Fusiliers
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
Parent Formation Magistracy Armed Forces


The brigade has a colorful history of loyal service to Canopus. During the great conflicts like the Reunification War of the Amaris Crises the individual regiments saw a lot of actions. Even with such circumstances the brigade remain loyal and fought against many external threats.[1]

The regiments were effectively destroyed in the Reunification War, but during the conflict they developed a reputation for being tenacious fighters. They were reformed in the years that followed, and the surviving officers and troops were able to instill that tenacity in the new regiments. During the Star League era they were deployed when long-term campaigns away from support were anticipated. At this time the regiments were typically organized as a single battalion of heavy 'Mechs supported by two battalions of medium 'Mechs, supported by a large contingent of support vehicles.[2]

In the Jihad the Canopian Fusiliers defended their worlds with skill, but suffered heavy losses. The First Canopian Fusiliers fought forces from the former Free Worlds League, while the other two regiments fought the Word of Blake in the Magistracy itself. The Second in particular took heavy losses from the Word. The Third was actually forced out of Capellan Confederation space during Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE, and then spent the rest of the Jihad defending the core of the Magistracy from the 42nd Shadow Division.[3]

After the Jihad ended, the member regiments of the Fusiliers lost their skills. To remedy this, they were assigned to allied nations to participate in defensive operations.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Canopian Fusiliers
Patty Gordon 3025[1]
Darlene McKinnon 3085[5]
General Ronald Thompson 3145[6]


Different per Unit.

Units of the Canopian FusiliersEdit

Color Scheme and Unit InsigniaEdit




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