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Cardinal Sins

The Cardinal Sins were a mercenary unit operating during the First and Second Succession Wars.[2][3]

Cardinal Sins
Unit Profile (as of 2864)
Formed 2771[1]


The origins of the Cardinal Sins stem from the Star League Defense Forces 428th BattleMech Division, part of the Twentieth Army's LXVII Corps. Suffering heavy losses during the Periphery Uprising in 2765, the 428th division was disbanded as a result; some elements of the division chose to joined the Periphery rebellion,[4] with at least one regiments worth of these troops becoming the Cardinal Sins in 2771.[1]

At the start of the First Succession War in 2786 the Cardinals Sins were located on the Taurian Concordat world of Dumassas, however they were never formally contracted to the Concordat. The Sins would call Dumassas their home through the horrors of the First Succession War, losing over half their number by the conclusion of the conflict in 2821.[2] Recouping most of their strength during the lull between the First and Second Succession War, the seasoned Cardinal Sins accepted a contract to aid the Taurian Defense Forces defend Dumassas prior to the Second Succession War. In a mirror image of their involvement in the First war, the Sins would remain on station on Dumassas and suffer heavy losses by the time the Second Succession War drew to a close in 2864.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Cardinal Sins



Composition HistoryEdit


Medium Regiment (100% strength) - Regular/Questionable.[2]


Medium Regiment (45% strength) - Regular/Questionable.[2]


Medium Regiment (94% strength) - Veteran/Reliable.[3]


Medium Regiment (32% strength) - Elite/Reliable.[3]


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