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Carmen Zadok

Carmen Zadok
Profession Clan Blood Spirit

Carmen Zadok (born 30?? - died 30??) was a warrior of Clan Blood Spirit. She also served her Clan as ilChi to Clan Cloud Cobra during the post-Great Refusal era.[1]


Cloud Cobra ilChiEdit

Said to be born from a lesser Bloodname House, Carmen Zadok was appointed to the post of ilChi in 3067, and soon impressed observers with her diligent work at pressing Khan Karianna Schmitt's agenda in their relationship with Clan Cloud Cobra. The two Clans shared intelligence and research. Eventually their work was rewarded by a breakthrough in breeding protocols for the ProtoMech warrior phenotype. The relationship between the Blood Spirits and Cloud Cobras seemed to have surprisingly little effect on the Cloud Cobras' relations with Clan Star Adder.[1][2][3]


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