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Carrion Swoop

Carrion Swoop
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union-C
In service until 3066


The Carrion Swoop was a Union-C-class DropShip in service with Clan Snow Raven as the CSR Carrion Swoop. On the 24th of October 3066 the Carrion Swoop was serving as a part of the Brim Naval Assault Star when it was encountered and was destroyed by a pair of heavily-modified Leopard-class DropShips operated by the Dark Caste. The ancient Leopards had each disgorged two Points of aerospace fighters during the attack and used a far heavier weapons array than was standard for a Leopard.[1]

Star Captain Herron had managed to escape from the Carrion Swoop aboard his Sabutai omnifighter as the Swoop was being fatally wounded, and while the two Leopards scavenged the wreck of the Swoop, Herron duelled with four of the enemy fighters - light Tomahawk-class fighters that Herron presumed to have been looted from a Brian cache by the Dark Caste. Herron destroyed two of the Tomahawks in battle before a third was destroyed by the approaching Conqueror-class WarShip CSR Conqueror using a Barracuda missile. Herron then defeated the final Tomahawk even as the pilot taunted him for the un-Clanlike conduct of the Conqueror and the evident decline and fall of the Snow Ravens.[1]


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