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Carthage (Individual DropShip)

This article is about the Clan Goliath Scorpion DropShip. For the planet, see Carthage.
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Type DropShip


As at 3068 the DropShip Carthage was in service with the Clan Goliath Scorpion touman. The Carthage was destroyed during a Trial of Possession in 3068 in the Lum system. The events leading up to the destruction of the Carthage are as follows.[1]

In December 3068 Clan Snow Raven was involved in a large Trial of Possession in the Lum system called by Clan Star Adder's Delta Naval Star for control of the planet's orbital space. The resulting battle saw almost six Stars of WarShips and DropShips and almost seven Stars of AeroSpace Fighters battle each other in one of the largest naval engagements to be fought in the Clan Homeworlds up to that point. The CSR Bloody Talon survived the engagement, although the other two Snow Raven WarShips[1] - subsequently confirmed as being the Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser CSR Avalanche and the Aegis-class heavy cruiser CSR Morning Violence[2] - were crippled and on fire, and the CSA Cho Polu, a Volga-class transport, was destroyed, burning in Lum's atmosphere before carving large craters in the surface of the planet with its remains.[1]

No sooner had the Star Adders retreated from the Lum system when a second hostile force arrived - Clan Goliath Scorpion's Beta Naval Star. The Goliath Scorpions also announced a Trial of Possession, this time for the Lum naval yards, and the senior Snow Raven officer present, Star Admiral Thomas Waters, bid the entire of the Lum system's assets in defense out of sheer exasperation.[1]

Water's decision proved to be a very costly mistake for the Snow Ravens. When the Lum Shipyards tried to cover the Bloody Talon, which was facing down the Bernlad, the Carthage - which was one of the escorting Goliath Scorpion DropShips - was penetrated by point defense weapons from the shipyards and exploded. This led the Bernlad to immediately fire a broadside on the Lum shipyards, which were subsequently targeted by other Goliath Scorpion vessels as viable targets. Three days later, the remains of the shipyards, perhaps half of which had been destroyed, were in the possession of the Goliath Scorpions, and there were no Snow Raven naval assets left in the system.[1]


The destruction of the Avalanche and four other Snow Raven WarShips unaccounted for specifically by name in sourcebooks was confirmed by the BattleTech Developer Øystein Tvedten via the Catalyst Game Labs Ask The Writers Forum:

*Opens Ye Olde Tome of Warshippe*

Avalanche - Lum 3068
Morning Violence - Lum 3068
Eternity - Lum 3070
Blue Lancer - Lum 3070
Tenacity - Lum 3070

With regards,

  — Øystein Tvedten, 01 November 2013