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Cassiopeia Suthorn

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Cassiopeia Suthorn
Also known as "Cassie"
Born 3031
Died 3???
Affiliation Camacho's Caballeros
Parents Manoc Suthorn (father)
Alexandra Yamaguchi (mother)[1]
Children Anjelah Suthorn

Cassiopeia "Cassie" Suthorn (born 3031[2] – died 3???) was a thirty-first century infantry soldier, scout, and mercenary with the 17th Reconnaissance Regiment, more widely known as Camacho's Caballeros.

Character DescriptionEdit

In her prime, Cassie Suthorn was a tough and fearless Scout and Anti-Mech infantry trooper. She used her fear of BattleMechs from her childhood to overcome most of her other fears. Ethnically, she has mix of Thai, Filipino, Japanese, French and Irish, with her Asian heritage most pronounced.[3] She has been described, in her youth, as a small brown skinned Asian woman, with black hair and gray blue eyes.[4] Cassie's time on the streets in her youth helped her to control her emotions, allowing her to choose what emotional state she wanted to project to the world. [5]


Early lifeEdit

Born as Cassiopeia Suthorn, she was the child of Draconis Combine nationals Alexandra Yamaguchi and Manoc Suthorn. After her birth in the Combine, her parents immigrated to the Capellan Confederation world of Larsha as refugees. Her family had higher-status here than they had had in the Combine. Her mother and other fellow female refugees would wear clothing to recapture that status. In those years, Cassie was a happy child living on the outskirts of the planetary capital city of Kalimantan. This changed in May of 3034, when a BattleMech force arrived to raid the planet's capital. Her father, at the time, was Commander of the armed forces protecting the city. He met with his family one last time before being called to fight.

The Larsha authorities, in an attempt to prevent panic, only issued an alert and forbid any evacuation. The fighting reached Cassie's home. An Atlas BattleMech, during the course of fighting the infantry troops, trashed her home before her eyes. Later, she learned her father was killed in the fighting she had witnessed and this event traumatized her with nightmares of BattleMechs.[6]

Later on, while growing up, her mother became more detached and had many lovers after her husband had died. By Cassie's early teenage years, she had been raped by one of them. Due to her mother having multiple lovers, she developed feelings of guilt.

Later on, she came under the guidance of Guru Johann, who trained her in the martial arts of Pentjak Silat. She was drawn to him and he became her mentor and teacher since she felt he could sense her emotional hunger to destroy the demons in her dreams.[7] On her 12th birthday, he gave her a twelve hundred year old Kris knife, which she named Blood-drinker. She loved Guru, and learned much from him as a mentor. He taught her how to master the panic and fear she experienced. On giving Blood-drinker to her, he told her the wavy shaped blade was alive, that it remembers all the battles it had been used since its forging on Terra's Malay Archipelago.[8]

Shortly after receiving her Kris, A Guardsman lover of her mother attempted, again, to have his way with her. She used her Kris as a means of stopping him and threatened to kill him. He left, vowing he would return with his squadmates to take care of her permanently. When she went to her mother, she slapped Cassie, saying she should have not done anything. With that, she left her home with only her Kris and the clothes on her back.[9]

Service with Larsha Home GuardEdit

While living on the streets of Kalimantan, Cassie learned that stealth was the key to survival. She ran with a range of shady folks, from con-artists and street punks, to other street-smart individuals. Remembering her mother's behavior with relationships kept her from becoming prostitute and developed a dislike to beautiful women who seemed to flaunt themselves.[10] When she was 16 years old, Cassie had become a street thug, and was forced by the authorities to join the planetary militia's criminal troops.[11] Her unit was designated as the Glorious Redemption Detachment 325.

In 3047, BattleMechs were raiding the Larsha capital city. During the raid, her GRD troop was looting businesses. However, as the BattleMechs neared their location, something deep down inside her changed. She turned her fears into fearlessness. Despite her not holding any rank, she took charge of the criminal youth and led them out of the building. As the raiders closed in on their position, she devised a means to take down the 'Mechs she so hated. As a Wolverine closed on her position she had her fellow troopers gather a mop handle and a fire ax. She then scooped up the live electrical wire she had previously cut with the ax, and charged the Wolverine and struck the 'Mech in its knee joint. The powerful charge fused the actuator, and caused it to fall. Dumbstruck in her accomplishment, she could not believe that she had managed to cripple a BattleMech, she was surrounded by other 'Mechs of the raiding force. The downed MechWarrior, Bobby Wolf, angry at the destruction of his beloved machine, threatened to take her down himself. However, he was stopped by a woman piloting a Phoenix Hawk BattleMech[12], who identified herself as Lt. Senior Grade Patricia Camacho of the 17th Reconnaissance Regiment. Patsy, after seeing the potential talent Cassie exhibited, asked for Cassie to surrender, which would mean her being taken off planet, likely forever. Cassie, having expected to die taking down the BattleMech, had nothing to lose and did so. Cassie passes out in front of Lt. Camacho's Mech, as she moves big machine to pick her up.[13]

Early years with the 17th ReconEdit

Two years after her recruitment, Cassie was placed in the ranks of the infantry in the Regiment. However, she did not fit in. Many of the Regiment's clannish culture had prevented her from feeling part of the regiment and as part of the family. By 3049, the regiment was hired to work on the Magistracy of Canopus world of Borgan's Rift, on a contract to eliminate the pirate band led by the Red Lion. A detachment of light and medium 'Mechs were sent by the Regiment to deal with pirates, lead by the hot-headed Lt. Gavilán Camacho, the son of the Regiment's commander. The mission was to serve as a make-or-break for Lt. Camacho's command. After two weeks on the ground, it was decided that then-Private Cassie Suthorn would be the detachment's new scout, since all the jobs she had been given before had been failures. Her assignment was to penetrate the pirates' inner sanctum in the old industrial city of Howe.

She took up the role as a double agent. While slipping into the pirates' stronghold, she met an ex-House Liao Colonel. Playing up her background, she fooled him into believing she was a captive of the mercenaries. While in the camp, she discovered that the pirates had only six light and medium 'Mechs and a small DropShip. She was able to convince the Red Lion to have his infantry troops enter the woods outside of the city limits and to place their 'Mechs in the deadlands near the city to fool her mercenary "captors" to fight in the open, telling him it was their weakness.

During the resulting night battle, Cassie sneaked into an ancient hulk of a BattleMech, known as a Gladiator. In the stripped-out wreck, she watched the desperate fight of the Red Lion's reinforced lance. Using her stealth, she had placed a 'Mech grade SRM launcher into the 'Mech prior to the battle. As the Red Lion's heavy BattleMech appeared on the battlefield, she was able to ambush him. Using the launcher, she fired the missile into the thinly armored back of the Rifleman, which was the largest threat of the field. In doing so, she clinched the mission, and saved her team from defeat. She had proved herself to her fellow mercenaries, and at that point she considered them as part of her family.[14]

Clan Invasion and aftermathEdit

After being appointed and proving herself, she was transferred to the Scout Platoon of the Regiment. In intermediate years, she honed the art of hunting BattleMechs to a fine edge.

By the Clan Invasion the unit was caught on the world of Jeronimo, when the Clans invaded. There, the unit faced Clan Smoke Jaguars, and found themselves in a losing situation. In their retreat, Lt. Patricia Camacho died fighting a Star of Clan 'Mechs. By doing so Cassie, lost her only friend.[15] After the death of Patricia and half of the regiment, she and the rest of the unit would swear blood vengeance against the Clans, especially the Jaguars for their losses.[16][17]

She was given the nickname "Abtakha", a Clan term for an adopted outsider as her call sign. She was convinced by Colonel Don Camacho to take the rank of Lt. Junior Grade for her actions on the planet.[18]

In the aftermath of the Jeronimo disaster, the unit was reeling from the destruction the Clan had wrought. The Caballeros conducted contracts in the Periphery in order to recover. One such mission was to the world of New Horizons in 3056. In their mission to hunt pirates, Cassie waded through swamps and muck of the humid world's outback for two weeks. She tracked down the pirates' base, while hunting a Marauder BattleMech. While in the muck, she marked parts of the great swamp for her people to know where not to go and get stuck. She then slipped into the base and left a homing beacon for the Regiment's artillery to strike the base. After fooling the pirate troops into their ambush, she began to resume her hunt for the 'Mech. Despite the 'Mech she was originally hunting being destroyed during the battle, she trapped a pirate's Locust 'Mech in the swamp and spared the pilot as he escaped into the swamps, then waited for a recovery team to salvage the 'Mech. This helped to replenish the regiment's BattleMechs they had lost to the Smoke Jaguars.[19]

After leaving New Horizons, the 1st Battalion's, Bronco Company new commanding officer, Captain Kali MacDougall tried to befriend Cassie. However, Cassie ignored her attempts, partially due to her bias against MechWarriors, especially one who piloted an Atlas, which was the same design that killed her father and ruined her life.[20]

Uncle Chandy and the garrison of HachimanEdit

In August 3056, the Caballeros arrived under contract to Uncle Chandy to garrison his Hachiman Taro Electronics company on the Combine world of Hachiman. Cassie was given the honor of leading the entire 90-plus BattleMech regiment into the factory's compound on her mountain bicycle.[21]

Cassie "befriends" a Federated Commonwealth News Service reporter Archie Westin. She does so to keep the young reporter from being roughed up and possibly even killed by her fellow Caballeros. Though not a personal relationship, she explains to him how to handle her fellow Caballeros, for the sake of the Colonel's honor. After a brief encounter with Captain MacDougall while in a local bar Permissible Repose, that the unit had adopted as their own, she begins to scout the complex and surrounding city. She, and members of the unit's unusual Scout platoon, checkout the buildings on opposite side of the complex's river shore. Feeling it to be a security risk, she insisted in seeing Chief of Security of H.T.E, Mirza Peter Abdulattah. She explained to him that she wished to utilize the buildings that were owned by Chandrasekhar Kurita, and rig them as booby traps and other surprises for potential invaders. She was confronted by the unit's command staff on what she had been doing. She convinced them that there was a undefined threat to the unit, and that she was seeking it out. At the end of the discussion, Colonel Camacho gave permission for Cassie to scout as she chose.[22]

Over time, she was able to overcome some of her prejudice about MechWarriors, and became friends with Captain Kali, who told her she had admired her skills, unique beauty and her saving the unit in the past. As they became more acquainted in the unit's bar, personnel with the 9th Ghost Regiment entered the bar. After an opening brawl between the yakuza of the 9th Ghost, they "introduced themselves".[23]

Undercover in Masamori CityEdit

In September, Cassie went undercover, slipping into the underworld of the city of Masamori. There, posing as a Davion worker from a interstellar merchant vessel, she inherently rescues prostitutes from violence and made them part of her intelligence gathering network she has been setting up across the city.[24] As another means of collecting information, she posed as a dancer at the Kit-Kat Club. As she became more connected, she found that Kazuo Sumiyama had some interests against Uncle Chandy's H.T.E. Company and was now courting DEST to resolve issue he believe he had "discovered". Cassie immediately notices a threat as a red headed envoy of DEST with his escorts at meeting in a warehouse at the space port. She was able to record the meeting and barely escaped a DEST operative by killing him and making it look like an accident.[25] Immediately after the meeting she goes to H.T.E's head of security Peter Abdulattah and reports her findings and is brought to his master, Chandrasekhar Kurita. Uncle Chandy revealed that the man Cassie had surveyed was heir-designate of the Draconis Combine's ISF, Ninyu Indrahar. Uncle Chandy confided this information because of the threat of the ISF thinking he had ambitions of power for himself and he needed to prove his innocence. He informed Cassie that she will work directly for him. She helped Chandrasekhar Kurita discover the means to undo the threat to him and her regimental family. Through her meeting, she earned the trust of the Kurita lord.[26]

In late September, Chandy's enemies generated a story of H.T.E. developing Faster-than-Light communication. This leads to the H.T.E. Compound being attacked by the Word of Blake raiders in a two-pronged attack. Cassie and the rest of the regiment responded to the attack, with minimum losses. However, it was soon discovered that the raiders were a cover for DEST troopers trying to penetrate the compound.[27]

As part of the investigation, she stumbled on Chandy's dealings with the Clans, in which the merchant caste has been quietly shipped to Hachiman as part of an exchange program.[28] After the invasion, Uncle Chandy called for Cassie, and discussed their chances of repelling the next attack by the Breath of the Dragon, the ISF. He felt that they needed to prove their innocence and that his rival at Tanadi Computers was the true instigator of the situation. He suggests to Cassie to go undercover and get close to high ranking people of the situation.[29]

At a party setup by Uncle Chandy, Cassie managed to trick Planetary Chairman Percival Fillington into thinking she was one of her employer's lovers attempting to escape his clutches. Flown away as planned, Cassie played the role of a scared woman whom had fled from their enemies. During her stay, she came to known "Percy". She noticed that the Chairman had an innocent mentality about him which she came to like, despite her inner voice causing her to resist becoming involved. She began to see that Chandy's rivals had influenced the young governor into believing her employer was a threat. She doesn't get evidence to prove that Tanadi Computers and DEST dealings with the planetary governor, before she is pulled out of the mansion. However, she was able to plant a listening device before being retrieved.[30]

After returning to the compound and reporting her findings, forces against Uncle Chandy staged an event that made it look like Cassie and her mercenary family had staged a coup and taken their charge hostage. This forced their friends in the 9th Ghost to storm the compound on 1 November.[31]

On the eve of the impending attack against the compound, Cassie was sent on a mission to deliver information proving that Tandai Computers and yakuza boss Kazuo were involved with Clan activities and were framing Uncle Chandy. She had to penetrate through the city during the assault of the 9th Ghost to ISF headquarter and deliver the evidence of her regiment's innocence.[32] Prior to the mission, Kali confronted Cassie one last time, and told her she should no longer feel soiled from crimes done to her in childhood, to let it go before it destroyed her.[33] She is able to rid of herself at the last of her haunted grief during the night prior to the mission.[34]

Race to prove their innocenceEdit

On the Day of the Dead, 2 November, she met with Colonel Don Camacho prior to the mission. He wished her safe and told her she is like a daughter to him. However, Cassie sensed Don wasn't expecting to survive the battle because of the grief he held for his long-lost daughter. She confronted him like no else had before, and told him he was the glue that held their regiment and their family together and he had to survive for the sake of everyone. She also bluntly told him he was not the true reason his daughter died, she had done it on her own. She convinced Colonel Camacho to stay alive, despite how he felt.[35]

She led her platoon of scout infantry through the sewers of the compound and past the battle between the 9th Ghost and her regiment.[36] After by-passing the horrors of the battle, Cassie brought her platoon within distance of Ninyu Kerai-Indrahar's headquarters at the uncompleted building known as the Coordinator's Rest Hotel. Though abandoned, Cassie and her people began their stealth approach into the building, taking down guards with armor-piercing ammunition. Once in the hotel, she and her scouts stormed the lobby with bullets flying at them. Despite half of her force being cut down, the survivors managed to breach the lobby and ride up in an elevator, leaving explosive decoys to lure away the DEST troopers' attention. After arriving on the top floor, Cassie and her remaining troops moved to meet their target. She engaged in one-on-one combat with a female DEST commando, and managed to turn the tables on her. After ordering her remaining people to hold position, she knocked the trooper out. Using the trooper as a shield, she was able to overcome Ninyu's last bodyguards. She presented him a holo-projector showing him evidence that proved that Chandrasekhar Kurita was innocent of the charge of treason. She motivated him more by twisting his arm with her Kris to encourage him to end the hostilities.[37] Shortly after, Ninyu announces hostiles had ended.


After the battle, the ISF produced a cover story that the battle was against an unknown foe, not against her fellow Caballeros.[38] She and the rest of her regiment were cited as heroes along with their friends from the 9th Ghost.[39]

Cassie met with the Earl once more, to apologize for hurting him and leading him on, but not for what she did for the regiment. In their brief moment together on a beach, he revealed to her he is still interested in her, despite everything she had done to him. Despite her instincts, she left open the opportunity for him to get to know her better.[40]

Cassie convinced Uncle Chandy to reveal the truth, that it was he who had been smuggling Clansmen to the planet. He revealed that he had been bringing Clan Merchant Castes from various Clans as a service to House Kurita. Through them, he told her, he can soften the Clan's people enough so when the Treaty of Tukayyid expires, they will not be as strong as they once were. He apologized for using her and her mercenaries, but did not want to hurt them personally.

Afterwards, Cassie met with Kali and told her that Chandy had asked her to stay by his side. She told Kali that she had thought about it. With a laugh, their conversation leads to them finally becoming true friends.[41]

In December, as part of Kali's attempts to humanize Cassie, she convinced her to attend the Chairman Day's ball as the Earl's personal guest. The holiday, a thinly-disguised Christmas Day celebration, became a day of opportunity for the regiment's enemies. During the dance with Percival Fillington, Word of Blake commandos broke into Fillington's Palace. The commandos killed Fillington when he challenged them. Cassie, wearing only a tight dancing dress and only armed with a vibro-blade and the late Percival's pistol, began to take out the party-crashing commandos. After taking out some of the troopers with Ninyu Kerai-Indrahar, Blakist BattleMechs begin to arrive. Cassie convinced the ISF Assistant Director to help her disable the machine attacking the palace. As Ninyu distracted what turned out to be a BattleMaster with machine gun fire, Cassie, after cutting down her dress, jumped onto the shoulder of the 'Mech from a fifth floor roof. She used her extensive study of BattleMechs to release a hidden rescue lever and open the cockpit. She then killed the MechWarrior with her vibro-blade and took over the BattleMech. She had limited knowledge of how to actually pilot the 'Mech but was still able to ambush two more of the Blakist 'Mechs, until she was forced to jump from the 'Mech into an icy pond. She was rescued by Eleanor Shimazu, who takes out the King Crab that disabled her commandeered 'Mech.[42]

Events on TowneEdit


After fighting the Blakist raiders, Cassie became determined to learn how to pilot a BattleMech. The 17th Recon was instructed by Uncle Chandy to help reinforce militia forces on the FedCom world of Towne. There, on the planet, Uncle Chandy had assets and also helped save face with the Combine. Elements of the Black Dragon society dispatched the 15th Dieron Regulars to attack the planet as an effort to re-start the war with their ancient enemies, the Davions.

Cassie and the rest of the Regiment arrived on Towne, a Federated Commonwealth world, now on the edge of chaos in the former Sarna March. Their arrival on planet was greeted with protesters, believing they were the spearhead of a House Kurita invasion.[43]

Immediately on the ground, her mercenary family was seen as House Kurita forces. With the appearance of organized militias confronting their arrival, Cassie went undercover to find out the facts of the Popular Militia.[44]

In the course of waiting for the Black Dragons' forces to attack, they made contacts with Towne's legal militias that had been driven underground by political parties in charge of the planet.

As the hostile militias setup to attack her regiment, she found herself facing a women whose fighting skills equalled her own. Known only as Wolf Girl, she leads some of the Popular Militia in the Port Howard area. [45] After a bombing attack on their compound, Colonel Camacho scattered his battalions to various Kurita-owned properties.

Eventually, Cassie was able to contact a friendly militia group known as the Towne Air Rangers, where she met a pilot named Lt. Tim "Bad" Moon, who was one of the Air militia group's flight commanders. The volunteer Rangers invited Cassie and many of 17th Recon's leading officers to their headquarters in Morrison Plateau Gunderland region. They reaffirmed ties and Cassie began to develop an affair with Moon [46]

Invasion and occupationEdit

On January 23rd, 3058, the 15th Dieron Regulars along with the Black Dragon yakuza-manned regiments invaded Towne. [47] During the chaos of the invasion, Cowboy Payne and Buck Evans were caught off the Regiment's base when the attack began. Alongside Cassie, they fought the yakuza infantry to make their way to Town Air Ranger's headquarters at Python Base. There, they witnessed on local holovid, planetary official Howard Blaylock welcoming the Draconis Combine officials to Towne.[48]

With some of the regiment able to make it to the Base, the 17th Recon and Rangers arranged a meeting with other militia forces. They, in turn, were ambushed by traitors among the Militia, who back the Kuritas. Among these individuals was Wolf Girl, who got into a one-on-one fight with Cassie. Cassie and Wolf Girl exhausted each other trying to kill one another, but Cassie loses the fight in the end. She was saved by Wolf Girl's admiration for Cassie's skills and by the incoming reinforcements in the form of the 17th.[49]

Shortly after, Cassie led a small commando team and extracted the captured and raped Kali MacDougall from being executed by Blaylock and his thugs.[50]

Cassie was put in charge of training Towne volunteers to become resistance fighters with Father Doctor "Bob" Garcia. She befriended a young girl, Marly Joles, and trained her and other volunteers in anti-BattleMech warfare. Among the first lessons Cassie taught her students, was in the form of an ambush in February.[51] Cassie travelled to the Eiglophian mountain region, where, in March, she met a Clan Broadsword DropShip smuggling supplies to the unit by care of Chandrasekhar Kurita. Among the supplies delivered, was a man named Enrico Katsuyama, a pleasant individual who turned out to be Assistant Director in ISF's Voice of the Dragon division. Ernie, as he preferred to be called, then worked with the unit to counter propaganda being produced by the pro-Black Dragon controlled government/media. As time passed, she continued her training of the resistance forces and her stormy relationship with Tim Moon.[52]

On April 18th, the 17th Recon's Camp Mariposa in Gunderland Province was attacked. The Towne Air Rangers attempted to hold off the full scale raid, but during the course of the battle, the Regiment's dependants were captured, including Colonel Camacho's lover, Diana Vasquez. The Regiment's Intelligence Officer, Gordon Baird had betrayed the regiment's base to spare their lives. However, Planetary Chairman Blaylock arranged for a firing squad and Diana was shot as a warning to Cassie and the Regiment to surrender or have other hostages killed.[53]

Battle for Port HowardEdit

Days after Diana's execution, Colonel Camacho mobilized the Regiment, despite not completing his preparations for the assault. Cassie slipped into Port Howard aboard an airship with Dispossessed MechWarriors of the Regiment's First Battalion during the night. Geared in a sneaksuit, they arrived at Hachiman Taro Electronics, where they assembled their infiltration force. While the Regiment's two 'Mech Battalions conducted their diversionary assault, Cassie and the other commandos conducted their objective to rescue the dependents and get revenge. She led the expanded Scout Platoon and Planetary Militia's infantry into the sewers of Port Howard to penetrate Admin Center of the city.

The teams attempted to reacquire the Regiment’s captured BattleMechs, but were spotted, bringing the Black Dragon troops to full alert. As the 17th Recon's Battalions made their attack on the city, Cassie and her people continued to penetrate further towards the Black Dragon headquarters. However, her team encountered the relentless and deadly Wolf Girl. Cassie engaged Wolf Girl in one-on-one combat. In the course of their duel, she was captured by Blaylock's guards.[54]

She was brought before Blaylock, who threatened to rape Cassie and kill the children being held hostage. However, Blaylock angered Wolf Girl after offhandedly revealing he had arranged her sister's death. She then freed Cassie and helped to fight her now former boss. Blaylock managed to escape, but Wolf Girl was killed in the fighting. After Cassie killed Blaylock with a laser, she found Kali injured. Cassie was told by Kali that she needed to take down Tai-sa Kusunoki to end the fighting.[55]

Cassie took Kali's Atlas and piloted it in pursuit of the 15th Dieron's commander. She managed to ambush him, despite the Atlas's damaged state, and charged forwards into the Naginata Command 'Mech. He was knocked to the ground with aid of Tim Moon's crashing his plane into him. Cassie's borrowed Atlas died holding onto the knocked-out Kusunoki. She captured Kusunoki and forced him to commit seppuku on live holovid broadcast.[56]

Luthien and the Coordinator's BirthdayEdit

Cinema City and reunion with the 9th GhostEdit

In the aftermath of the Towne affair, Cassie would be left reeling from its effects on her. A number of her friends were dead including Timothy Moon, whom she fell in love with and ultimately saved her life.

In late June 3058 she and the rest of the regiment were summoned to Luthien to be among honored units celebrating the birthday of House Kurita's Coordinator Theodore Kurita. During the voyage into the system, she watched the holovid film, Exit the Dragon starring Johnny Tchang. After the film Cassie talked to her old friend Kali MacDougall to try and sort out the state of their friendship in the wake of the events on Towne. She was then summoned by Uncle Chandy and he discussed indirectly true nature of their journey to Luthien. The informal meeting between she and her unit's employer established that the unit was being brought to the planet to help put down any possible attack by Black Dragons.[57]

On their arrival on Takashi Kurita Memorial Spaceport, the unit was greeted as celebrities by the citizenry of the Imperial City. Cassie watched her regiment disembark from their DropShips, where the unit's newly formed 4th 'Mech Battalion joined the regiment's parade to their lodging at Eiga-tosi (also known as Cinema City). Cassie was ill at ease with the 4th since it was formed from the salvage of Draconis Combine forces on Towne and it was led by newly-promoted Force Commander Robert "Navajo Wolf" Begay, who hated her. The Scout Platoon's new commanding officer, Lieutenant Senior Daniel "Rooster" Morgan ordered her to begin scouting the area and to meet him and the rest of the regiment in Cinema City. During the flight to Cinema City, meet with House Kurita's propaganda director Mishcha Kurosawa, who was acting as a guide to the Regiment during their stay on Luthien.[58] At Cinema City, she and the regiment would be reunited with their old comrades from the 9th Ghost who had also been invited to Luthien as part of the Coordinator's birthday celebration.[59]

Johnny TchangEdit

After attending party failing to gain some intelligence on local yakuza, she next day would meet Johnny Tchang performing in Cinema City. Many of the regiment were huge fans of the ex-House Liao martial artist, including the children she would end being drawn to him by the children. After his performance, Cassie inversively engages in "friendly" bout with Johnny, who proves that he more than just actor in martial arts. Their bout proves to be equals, with exception Cassie far more aggressive then he, leaving him with cut. After the fight, she would encounter grandchildren of their barrack's yakuza caretaker Jinjiro Coleman who plead for her help in finding him he went suddenly missing. Next day the Imperial Police would report finding his body in a canal and declared him dead of natural causes. Cassie would investigate further questioning the investigator. She surmises that the murder of the building's superintendent maybe sign of threat to regiment, she cuts deal with the police officer with his aid, she want find out who did it. She also concludes that Jinjiro's oyabun ("gang") had nothing to do with the murder due to his status of being honorably retired to his plush job at Cinema City.[60]

Cassie used her contacts in the 9th Ghost to help her tap into the yakuza's underworld and find out what was going on. She able to find out that Jinjiro's oyabun lead by the Hiroo Yamaguchi also known as the "Cat" is being attacked by rival oyabun attempting to eliminate him and his gang. The attackers, led by yakuza boss Benjamin Inagawa of the Benjamin Military District, whom was affiliated with father of late 15th Dieron Regulars’ commander whom Cassie had beheaded on planetary-wide Holovid broadcast. Cassie began to suspect that the gang war could be related to possibly Black Dragon tainted oyabun gang boss Hiraoke Toyama. Audacity of the war during the Coordinator's birthday was taboo among Federation of Yakuza Gangs (the seimeeiyoshi-rengo), suggested to her of major and usual moves were done. However she had little evidence proving both gangs' leaders were a threat to her regiment and their client.[61]

She was later approached by Johnny Tchang; he apologized for their earlier encounter and asked her on a date. With some convincing by Kali, Cassie went out with Johnny. They connected on a personal level with one another after dining at a local Italian restaurant. On the walk back, they manage to slip their "watchers" to have alone time. They pass through a not-so safe neighborhood.[62] where they jumped by thugs waiting for them. Ambushed, Cassie and Johnny were able to overcome their attackers, but near the end tell-tale evidence revealed them to be Maskirovka operatives who appeared to be trying to recapture Johnny.

After the incident, Cassie went undercover into slums of Imperial City known as Tumbledown District. There she fire fight was ranging between two groups, one she identified DEST troopers in civilian clothes and masks using laser weaponry no one else would be using. She would soon discover dying ISF operative who urged her to past message of traitors before dying by one of DEST troopers had come upon her. She would dispatches her troops in emotion ball of rage as she tried kill her as well. Her investigation would uncover mix of information which would connect direct threat to the regiment or their client. So far she had pieced together that Ignagawa's rival yakuza gang had brought a battalion's worth of troops with him to wage an open war in back streets of the Imperial City. Though her client vassal Peter Abdulsattah, she arranged a meeting with the assistant director of the ISF, Ninyu Kerai. The next night, the meeting she arranged at a junkyard turned into an ambush by what appeared to her as DEST troopers. After downing one of them, Cassie was knocked out by another using a sonic stunner.

Subhash Indrahar and Renegade ISFEdit

She woke up in the company of ISF Director Subhash Indrahar where she notified him of her suspicions of conspiracy within the ISF that was linked to recently ended conflict within the yakuza gangs. Their discussion would end with her being enlisted by Subhash to secretly work directly for him to try and find evidence of what was amounting to a conspiracy against Theodore Kurita.[63]

After returning to compound at Cinema City, she goes to Regiment's Commanding Officer Colonel Carlos Camacho with news of her scouting mission. However, Colonel and Regiment's intelligence officer Father Bob tell her that one of the familia, had been kidnapped. She told them that were near to impossible to get her back, that despite friendly treatment they had been receiving, this was still hostile world to outsiders. She urges that unit be confined to the compound and that she needs to root out the enemy before they strike. However, the Colonel would give her rare order her to find Lieutenant Misty Savedra first..[64] With leads that it was the youth gang known as the Sudden Impulse tribekids, she went about asking people who dwelled in the city if they had seen her. Old woman would point out she saw two men from the Sudden Impulse tribe take a very still Misty away in their car. After obtaining license plate number, she asks her police contact try running a trace on the car. She is then contacted by Subhash Indrahar about her investigation being distracted from their mutual concern. She would get contacted by Father Bob that Misty's body had been found in give, he suggesting her come back due "shoot-to-kill" order that been place on their heads. She dismisses it and continues her investigation until she comes cross mention of incoming noble, Angus Kurita. She reports this to Subhash whom in return tells her that he the great grandson of Marcus Kurita. He tells her return to the Regiment be on guard for attack on them, while he takes care of what he can.[65]

Final Showdown with the Black DragonsEdit

On July 1st, the Coordinator's birthday, Cassie would be woken to the compound had been taken over by Black Dragon aligned troops. Cassie would donned DEST Sneak Suit that was gifted to her by ISF Director Subhash. As she proceeded to liberate the regiment, the Black Dragon troops revealed to their captives their intentions of using the 17th Recon's 'Mechs to assassinate Coordinator Theodore Kurita. Some of the Unit's MechWarriors who's 'Mechs were captured volunteered to use the movie studio's AgroMechs (Which were cosmetically altered to resemble real BattleMechs.) in a diversionary assault on the Black Dragons while Cassie's group made a break get liberate unit's 'Mechs. In mists of the fight, Cassie encounters Johnny Tchang whom had been searching for her since other day. He confesses he fallen for her, but he is a reluctant spy for the Maskirovka. Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao had sent him to Coordinator's birthday to observe birthday assassination of the Coordinator. He convinced her that he meant no harm to her and offered his help to get out of the fighting with the Black Dragon controlled commandos. She managed to grab a forklift and assisted in bring some of her familia to the cockpits of their 'Mechs, while cutting down would-be attackers trying to stop her. The Caballeros managed to overcome and wipe out the last of the enemy commandos, only to find out that the Coordinator’s life was still in danger.

She takes VTOL into the Imperial City try arrives in time stop the assassination of the Coordinator. Takura Migaki would join her, Johnny on mad trip in his modified Warrior VTOL to Imperial Palace’s,. On the way, Cassie gets a call from Ninyu Kerai using his father's secret two-way with her. In the exchange between the two, she learned that Subhash was dead and that Ninyu knew of the plot to kill the Coordinator. She tells him, that ISF Director Tai-sho Hohiro Kiguri is in on the assassination plot with members of the Otomo.[66]

As they arrived, Cassie tried to get Migaki to bring them in over the reviewing platform to give the Coordinator cover fire, however the VTOL's takes a hit from ongoing battle. After crash landing on top of the grandstand, Johnny Tchang, herself and Takura Migaki began rush to the Coordinator's reviewing stand fighting Tai-sho Hohiro Kiguri and his DEST commandos.

Cassie and her allies finally saw reinforcements arrive in the form of appointed ISF Director Ninyu Kerai, with man dressed in spacer outfit. Shaved of his red hair, dressed in a black suit with emblem of his adopted father's mon family crest dispatched with spacer last Tai-sho Kiguri's troopers. Kiguri standing alone, then challenged Theodore Kurita to honor duel. Spacer would turn out to be Theodore's illegitimate son Franklin Sakamoto, who announced that any challenge against his father would go through him first. However, he was overruled by Ninyu, who took challenged him to an iai duel, quick draw. Who would use tricked learned from ancient samurai movie, Sanjuro and ended the traitor's life quickly. Theodore Kurita would order blast doors lowered, as this exchange had accrued, Cassie came to find herself holding hands with Johnny having together emotionally after fighting with rogue DEST commandos. They witnessed the Lainie's reunion with her lover Takura Migaki and Theodore welcoming home his illegitimate son, Franklin.[67]

Later yearsEdit

After Operation BULLDOG she and the rest of Camacho's Caballeros were assigned to secure Tanadi's assets on various worlds including Luzerne. However, the unit was caught up in the fighting with Clan Ghost Bear, when the Clan came over the border as part of the opening phase of the Combine-Ghost Bear War.[68]

After the opening stages of the Jihad, Cassie and the 17th Recon gained an early release from long-time employer Chandrasekhar Kurita. They returned home to Southwest Worlds in the Free Worlds League. In the Trinity, the unit would rush to fight unrest accruing due to the League-employed mercenary regiment, the Swann's Cavaliers and local provincial militia fight put down unrest due to unfair taxes. After overthrowing the League-controlled units, Don Carlos Camacho would get promoted to President of Galisteo's new government and handed command of his regiment to his son, Gavilán.[69]

Family and LegacyEdit

Cassie would have at least one child, a daughter named Anjelah. Her daughter would go on to marry Jesus Camacho in 3095. However, the marriage would end in 3105 with Jesus death, and Anjelah "Itehtah'o" Camacho would assume command of the Caballeros.[70]


  • Cassie Suthorn was created by novelist Victor Milán.
  • During the Clan Invasion, her unit fought for the Federated Commonwealth. During the war however, it was made clear that their severe losses were accrued on the Draconis Combine world of Jeronimo. As of this writing it has not been cleared up if this is still considered canon, or how it can be explained.[71]
  • There is little information on what became of Cassie and her children who lived into the Dark Age era. Aside from her daughter, she had a grandson who became a freelancing spy. This grandson was known only by his call sign as the "Knave of Hearts". Cassie would training him her skills in being able to capture BattleMechs bare handed. During Clan Jade Falcon's invasion of the Republic of the Sphere, he went by the name of Paul Laveau. His mission was to assassinate a Free Worlds League SAFE agent, but he also rescued Tara Campbell from death by stealing a Jade Falcon's 'Mech.[72]


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