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Category:DropShip classes

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This category includes all DropShip classes, i.e. all spaceship classes that have no Kearny-Fuchida Drive themselves but feature a Docking collar to attach themselves to a JumpShip for faster-than-light travel.

This category does not include articles for individual named ships; these are covered under Category:Individual DropShips instead.

All DropShips are built as either spheroid or aerodyne (non-spheroid) designs. Depending on subtype they handle differently while operating in atmosphere, and in combat.
Similarly, all DropShips are built to either civilian or military specifications, with military ships usually being built from more expensive components, more ruggedly, and more expensive.

DropShips are typically used as either assault DropShips, Pocket WarShips, or Transporters. Beyond these roles, a few special purpose designs such as tugs exist as well.