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Production information
Type Melee Weapon
Tech Base Inner Sphere/Clan[1]
Year Availability Pre-Spaceflight[1]
Technical specifications
Heat 0 [2]
Damage 5[2]
Minimum Range 0
Short Range 0
Medium Range 0
Long Range 0
Tons 5[2]
Critical Slots 5[2]
Space Slots 1[2]
Cost (unloaded) 100,000[3]
BV (2.0) 7[4]


The Chainsaw is a piece of construction equipment that is rarely seen on the battlefield. Most commonly used by logging companies, the Chainsaw is also popular with construction and demolition companies. Though it can inflict damage on combat units, the requirement for a close range attack makes the Chainsaw an ineffective weapon.[1]

Occasionally military units operating in heavily forested terrain will press units equipped with Chainsaws into service to clear roads and paths through the dense foliage.[1]


Game RulesEdit

The Chainsaw inflicts 5 points of damage on any target it hits. Bipedal 'Mechs can carry a single Chainsaw in each arm, but must remove the hand actuator to do so. Quad 'Mechs can mount a single Chainsaw in each side torso. A Chainsaw may not be mounted in any area that mounts a Pile Driver, Dual Saw, Mining Drill, Rock Cutter, Wrecking Ball, Combine, or Backhoe.[1]


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