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Clarissa Jerricho

Clarissa Jerricho
Affiliation Clan Coyote

Clarissa Jerricho (born 30?? - died 30??) was Loremaster of Clan Coyote from 3056 onward into the Wars of Reaving era.[1]


Clarissa Jerricho was another long-time critic of Khan Sullivan Koga's reformation of the Clan Coyote Touman. She was an aide to the then Galaxy Commander Silas Kufahl, helping him to organize resistance to Khan Koga's plans. When Kufahl was elected Loremaster in 3053, she would continue that role, ultimately succeeding him in that position when Kufahl was elected saKhan of the Coyotes in 3056.[1]

The Fighting Loremaster: Babylon DietEdit

Noted for her leadership abilities,[1] saKhan Clarissa Jerricho would rally forces opposed to Clan Cloud Cobra's Babylon Diet, a meeting of religious leaders hosted by the Cloud Cobras that took place on Babylon in 3062. Representatives came from as far away as the Inner Sphere, something that would displease several Khans amongst the Home Clans, many of whom saw it as yet another vector for societal infection by the Spheroids.[2][3]

The Grand Council was deadlocked on its support of the Cobra's conference, but the Coyote Loremaster would take a different route. She would be selected to lead a force comprised of units from several Clans in an effort to disrupt the diet. She would also use the opportunity to hopefully kill as much of the Cloud Cobra leadership as possible, and destroy the Josian Cloister's Honorarium. Her plans would not go as foreseen. The defenses on Babylon were much stronger than expected, commanded by Cloud Cobra Khan Din Steiner. Holding off twice their number in attacking forces, the Cloud Cobras would make good on their promise of safety to their guests. Though she would blame the "incompetence" of allied forces for the loss, Jerricho's attack would backfire further, earning the Coyotes a Censure from the Grand Council.[3][4]

Not long after this, she would witness and record the transfer of power that took place after the death of Khan Sullivan Koga. Though Silas Kufahl would ascend to the Khanship, he would fend off a glut of challenges by warriors who remembered his vocal opposition to Khan Koga's reforms. His leadership was continually challenged until the Coyotes were again united by outside forces when Clan Jade Falcon assaulted Tamaron. Acting in concert with Galaxy Commander Raven Clearwater, Khan Kufahl led a dynamic defense of the Coyote home world. Afterward he would cement his position after one last Trial of Possession, pitting himself against Galaxy Commander Clearwater.[4]


It is not clearly known when Loremaster Clarissa Jerricho died, though it is safe to assume it was during the often violent events of the Wars of Reaving that rocked the Clan Homeworlds. Her Bloodname House would be one of the last ones approved to resume its place in the Coyote's eugenics program after it was found to be free of taint in 3089.[5]

Title and PositionEdit


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