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Clean Kill

The Clean Kill
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Parent Formation N/A
Formed 3050s
CO Major Phormes Bullard
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor yes
Infantry yes

Unit HistoryEdit

The Clean Kill mercenary unit had a checkered past for many years. In 3062, the unit accepted a contract with the Calderon Protectorate in spite of having a contract with the Taurian Concordat; this dramatically reduced their Dragoons rating. While stationed on Althea's Choice, the command received some of its first victories.[1]

However, in late 3067, the unit clashed with the 2nd Taurian Guard when Helen Naborn, one of Clean Kill's company commanders, ran her Charger through the mansion of the planetary governor, while chasing bandits on Althea's Choice. Captain Naborn was arrested on manslaughter charges and the Protectorate cancelled their contract with Clean Kill. Major Bullard turned to alcohol to solve his problems and was found dead of a drug overdose on January 21, 3068.

The four company commanders immediately declared themselves the new CO of the unit, leading to a brief "civil war" in the unit. When the smoke cleared, the unit had lost several vehicles and 'Mechs, but the technical staff was able to repair them. The tensions between officers that had plagued the unit were also dramatically reduced, making the unit far more effective. However, the collateral damage they inflicted caused the Taurian Concordat to demand they leave Concordat space. Captain O'Reilly was able to defuse this situation by offering reparations to the government of Althea's Choice in return for a renewed contract. This led to the unit reinforcing Althea's Choice against raiders.[2]

In June 3072 they were attacked by AFFS troops (in reality Gannon's Cannons in disguise) while defending Althea's Choice in the Taurian Concordat. There were being routed when real AFFS troops attacked the capital. The reported use of chemical weapons in that other battle, upset Gannon's Cannons, who felt they'd been "hoodwinked" and left the planet immediately.[3]

In 3105, the Clean Kill arrived covertly on Diik. The Clean Kill were in the employ of the Taurian Concordat at the time and had arrived clandestinely to conduct raids; for months, the Clean Kill managed to evade detection while striking at Calderon Protectorate targets. The Clean Kill were finally tracked down when Captain Jere MalDonaldo of the Protectorate military assembled an entire regiment of battle armor-equipped infantry using Spectre suits manufactured at the nearby Protectorate Arms Conglomerate plant. MalDonaldo passed the location of the Clean Kill to the Second Taurian Pride, but then rather than fading out and waiting for the arrival of the Pride, MalDonaldo had his troops infiltrate the Clean Kill encampment and launch a surprise attack.[4]

The opening wave of the attack by the Protectorate forces was very successful, killing the a large part of the Clean Kill's command and support staffs, but as the Clean Kill's defenses tried to react to the sudden attack, MalDonaldo was killed by a Clean Kill Locust. The loss of MalDonaldo shattered the ad hoc Protectorate formation, most of whom were gunned down by the Clean Kill before the Second Taurian Pride arrived and routed the mercenaries.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Clean Kill
Major Phormes Bullard 3062 - 3067
Major Shahna Richman 3068 - at least 3072[2][3]
Major Kasha Wilmoth 3145[5]


Their command uses every possible trick (long range bombardment with mass fire) regardless of civilian casualties. Close combat is another preferred tactic. They tend to use simple frontal attacks.


The unit had enough techs for daily repairs and had sufficient DropShip support.

Dragoon RatingsEdit


Dragoon Rating: F


Rating: E[5]

Composition HistoryEdit


Clean Kill (Battalion/Regular/Reliable) [6]

  • CO: Major Phornes Bullard [6]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Jansen’s Hold. [6]


Clean Kill (1 Mixed Battalion/Regular/Reliable)

  • CO/Headquarters Company: Major Phormes Bullard
  • Assassin Company: Captain Charles Stanworth

- A sole 'Mech company designed for fast strikes and scout missions.

  • Bludgeon Company: Captain Helen Narbon

- The Ontos lance and the heavy 'Mechs (75 – 85 tons) are used for brute force

  • Crush Company: Captain Kailynn O'Reilly

- 4 Catapults with Arrow IVs + 4 'Mechs + 4 combat vehicles as cover unit.


Clean Kill (1 Mixed Battalion/Regular/Reliable)[2]

  • CO/Headquarters Company: Major Shahna Richman

- 4 Catapults with Arrow IVs

  • Assassin Company: Captain Jennifer Rettig

- A sole 'Mech company designed for fast strikes and scout missions.

  • Bludgeon Company: Captain Helen Narbon

- The Ontos lance and the heavy 'Mechs (75 – 85 tons) are used for brute force


Clean Kill (1 Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Major Kasha Wilmoth[5]
- As of 3145, the Clean Kill were operating at sixty percent of full strength and were stationed in the Camadeierre system.[5]




  • The Clean Kill can prevent one enemy unit of up to four units maximum from moving faster than walking/cruising speed via suppression fire. To do so, the Clean Kill must fire a suppressing strike from its full lance of Sniper artillery units, and at least two of the weapons fired must strike within 2 hexes of the enemy unit. Units suppressed in such a fashion remain so until the end of the scenario.[7]
  • Bludgeon Company of the Clean Kill gain a +1 Initiative modifier when fighting in urban terrain.[7]


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