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Clippership V

Clippership V
Production information
Manufacturer Deimos Clipperships
Use Transport
Type Civilian Spheroid
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Primitive)
Technical specifications
Mass  ? tons
Structural Integrity
Length meters
Width meters
Height meters
Safe Thrust
Max Thrust
Fuel (tons)
Fuel (days)


The Clippership V class was one of the first proper DropShip designs, created immediately after the invention of the Docking Collar/Hardpoint coupling that defines the class. Designed within a decade of the first successful jump of the Nimbus III, a modified Clippership IV, in 2458 (i.e. no later than 2468), the Clippership V was based on the proven Clippership IV hull.[1]

The mass of the Clippership V was not stated but, as a DropShip, it was no longer under the size limit that restricted the previous DropShuttle designs to no more than 5,000 tons of mass. (A military DropShip, the Czar, was developed from the Clippership IV hull concurrently with the Clippership V and ended up massing 6.400 tons.)


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