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Close Quarters

Close Quarters.jpg
Close Quarters
Product information
Type Novel
Author Victor Milán
Pages 390
Cover artwork Boris Vallejo
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
First published 1 September 1994
ISBN-10 0451453786
ISBN-13 978-0451453785
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 3056
Series Camacho's Caballeros trilogy
Followed by Hearts of Chaos

Close Quarters, by Victor Milán, is the first of trilogy of novels chronicling the adventures of Camacho's Caballeros.

From the back coverEdit

Resourceful, ruthless, beautiful, apparently without fear, Scout Lieutenant Cassie Suthorn of Camacho's Caballeros is as consummately lethal as the giant BattleMechs she lives to hunt. Only one other person in the freewheeling mercenary regiment has a hint of the demons which drive her. When the Caballeros sign on to guard Coordinator Theodore Kurita's corporate-mogul cousin in the heart of the Draconis Combine, they think they've got the perfect gig: low risk and high pay. Cassie alone suspects that danger waits among the looming bronze towers of Hachiman—and when the yakuza and the dread ISF form a devil's alliance to bring down Chandrasekhar Kurita, only Cassie's unique skills can save her regiment.

All she has to do is confront her darkest nightmares.


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