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Cole Williams

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Cole Williams
Born 3010
Died 3079
Affiliation Federated Suns
Director of MIIO

Cole Williams (b. 3010— d. 3???) was the director of the Federated Suns' Ministry of Information, Intelligence, and Operations.[1][2]


Cole was a successful officer in the Davion Brigade of Guards. While serving with the 5th Davion Guards, Colonel Williams fought Clan Jade Falcon on Bessarabia. During that battle, he sustained injuries that forced him to retire from front-line combat duty. He transferred to DMI and again rose through the ranks. As a deputy director, he resigned his commission during the regency of Katherine Steiner-Davion. Cole spent the FedCom Civil War on New Avalon avoiding Katherine's supporters.[1]

Williams was appointed to head MIIO after the end of the war. He was tasked with purging the intelligence organization of Katherine loyalists. Cole was part of Prince-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion's retinue at the ill-fated Whitting Conference on Tharkad where the Star League was dissolved.[1]

With the beginning of the Jihad and New Avalon under seige by Word of Blake, Director Williams led MIIO from Markesan. In addition, he protected the Prince and Duke Tancred Sandoval of Robinson, who secretly took refuge in the system. Despite being cut-off from the Fox's Den, Cole kept MIIO operational and functioning.[1]

When the Blakists abandoned the New Avalon system, Williams returned to the Suns capital. His focus is almost exclusively on the Word. Williams directed MIIO to cause trouble in the Blake Protectorate to assist Devlin Stone's coalition and sift through centuries of data to find a secret system that the Blakists may have operated from. Critics charge that this single-minded focus caused MIIO to miss intelligence that could have prevented the Taurian nuclear attack on New Syrtis.[1]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
possibly Alexi Mallory
Director of MIIO

Succeeded by
eventually Ricard Strang


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