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Colonel Crockett

Colonel Crockett
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Overlord


The Colonel Crockett was an Overlord-class 'Mech-transporting DropShip in service with the Allied forces during the FedCom Civil War. Left behind on the starport tarmac by a Lyran regiment on Syrma, it had been captured and made his command vessel by Archer Christifori. As it turned out though, the Colonel Crockett suffered from slipshod maintenance, its engines were worn out and badly required a complete overhaul, and its environmental systems were "problematic".[1]

The Colonel Crockett covertly carried Major General Archer Christifori and some of Archer's Avengers from Graceland to New Avalon in late 3066, so that Christifori and the Avengers could take part in the final battles against the forces of Archon Katherine Steiner.[2]


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