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Colt Stevens

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Colt Stevens
Profession Scavenger/Pirate JumpShip Captain


Colt Stevens won a poker hand in 3064 for a position aboard the scavenger/pirate JumpShip Voidjumper III, a Quetzalcoatl-class vessel. Within the next two years he had the ship's pilot dumped "into a rat's hole" by tipping off local authorities and ascended to the pilot's position himself, aiming at ultimately taking control of the Voidjumper III from "Cap", its current commander.

When the Voidjumper III discovered the wreckage of the Liberator in deep space in 3066, Stevens took the opportunity to depose "Cap" and have him thrown out of an airlock. He planned to legally sell the ancient derelict that the Liberator was.[1]


A scene at the beginning of chapter 5 of the Black Mist Rising serial, set 15 September 3067, refers to this story: crewmen aboard a JumpShip in the Orestes system discuss the news that the Liberator has been found and that the finders are trying to sell it to the hightest bidder.


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